How to Make a Ferret Cage Interactive and Fun


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Your cute tiny ferret pet may sleep up to 20 hours each day. But when it is active, it is full of energy and always looking for something fun to do. You can ensure your tiny pet is always entertained by adding the right features to the ferret cage.

Setting up a Ferret Cage

Depending on your budget, you can opt for a single story cage or a multi-level cage. The size of the cage will also vary according to the number of pet ferrets you own. When it comes to the ferret cage material, always go for the one with metal grills. This will allow air circulation to occur without any resistance and you will be able to keep a check on your pet easily. Please avoid housing your pet ferret inside a cardboard box or shoe box. Not only will it suffocate the poor animal, it will also make it irritated and hostile. Your little pet ferret needs some decent amount of space to move around and stay healthy.

Before you learn about the fun and interactive features to add to the ferret cage, make sure you have these necessities met –

Comfortable Bedding

Metal cages give sufficient air to your ferret to breathe, but in reality ferrets dislike being overexposed. As small animals, it is their natural instinct to go into hiding, away from the sight of potential predators. Therefore, consider sleep sacks or pet tents to give your ferret some privacy. Ensure that the material is snugly as ferrets love to burrow and cuddle.

Food Bowls and Dishes

Ferrets can become excitable, especially during feeding time. To prevent your pet from toppling over the food or water bowl, go for something made of a heavier substance. A good option is dishes made of ceramic. They will not fall over easily.

Litter Box

Ferrets are not cats. You should therefore stay away from clay litter as it can get stuck to your pet’s nose, eyes and claws. The best options for litter is wood pellets, corncob and paper products that have been recycled.

Making a Ferret Cage Fun

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Now that you have learned how to set up a basic ferret cage, it is time to take things up a notch. A cage should not only be a place for rest and protection for your ferret. It should also be a place for fun and entertainment. After all, your ferret is active, funny and enthusiastic who loves playtime.

There are a couple of features you should consider adding to your ferret cage. This will keep your pet busy, active and happy. Do not worry. Your ferret will still enjoy spending time with you. In fact, it may appreciate you even more. There is another important thing to note. If you are planning to add elements of amusement inside the ferret cage, make sure that the cage is big enough to accommodate them without sacrificing the space for rest and movement.

Small Tunneling Systems for Ferrets

These tunnels are usually made of plastic and ideally extend to 15 feet (4.57 m). As ferrets have elongated bodies, they love to explore pipes and other holes that allow them to fit through. Your pet ferret will love entering and exiting this tunnel. For the ferret, the other end of the tunnel means a brand new territory. These tunnels are often transparent. This means you can join in on the fun by seeing your ferret’s antics inside the tunnel.

Hammocks for Ferrets

For owners of more than one ferret, investing in a hammock is a good idea. It may occupy a lot more space, but your pet ferrets will truly enjoy the hammock. Usually made from a quilted type material, these hammocks are sturdy and resistant to nails and teeth. A one-foot-long hammock can easily hold 2 adult ferrets. Some hammocks come with two layers – top and bottom. Ferrets can use the top layer for lounging and the bottom layer for snuggling and napping. Although they are not natural climbers, your ferrets will love to climb atop the hammock for a relaxing leisurely experience.

Cubes for Ferrets

This is a bag shaped like a cube which hangs down from the roof of the cage. It has a single or double orifice on the side to allow ferrets to enter and exit. Ferrets can use this cube to nap, rest, play and relax. As ferrets like to chase each other, this cube serves as the perfect hiding spot. One ferret might crawl into the cube, while others follow it, trying to enter the cube themselves. Most ferret cubes can be easily hung with the help of clips. They are also easily manageable, as they can be washed in the washing machine without any damage to the fabric.

Ball Pit Balls

You may not be able to put an entire ball pit balls apparatus inside a cage. So, this could be a feature outside the ferret cage. Use a big box or container as a reservoir and fill it with ball pit balls. These small balls are very durable and can be enjoyed in many ways. Your ferrets can swim in the reservoir of balls, crawl under them, play tent or chase one another. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that your pet ferrets don’t run away. Also, ferrets like to chew things with their mouth. So, only get balls made from non-PVC plastic. Ensure that they are free from lead, BPA and phthalate.

Ferret Rope Ladders

This simple net rope ladder serves as a fun drill for ferrets. Your pets will love to climb the ladder over and over again. These ladders are usually made of cotton, but may also come in plastic. Avoid investing in plastic rope ladder as ingesting it can cause harm to the ferrets. You can even buy 2 to 3 rope ladders to create your very own rope bridge inside the ferret cage. The ferrets will love to pass over this bridge, climb down and then cross it again. It even gives them more room to play chase. Climbing is also a great way to stay fit and active. As claws come in handy during a climb, these rope ladders make sure that your ferret’s nails do not overgrow.

Crinkle Tunnels

If you have a bigger ferret cage, you can substitute the tunneling system with a crinkle tunnel. The unique quality of this tunnel is that it has a crinkle material in-between layers of fabric. Every time a ferret crawls through this tunnel, it will make an interesting sound. This can be pleasant to your pet’s ears. Most crinkle tunnels come with a hole on top which adds to its value for the ferrets. Your pet ferrets love to explore different routes in hopes of discovering something new. A crinkle tunnel will not disappoint them in that department.

Fiddle Stick Wood Ladder Bridge

A fiddle stick bridge made from wood can serve many purposes. Due to its ability to bend and mold, the fiddle stick bridge can serve as a bridge for the ferrets to climb and walk on. If you bend this bridge into an arch, it can serve as a nice hiding and resting place for the ferrets. Before buying a fiddle stick bridge, take certain points into consideration. First, get colorful fiddle sticks. More colors are attractive to animals. Second, ensure that the paint on the sticks is environmentally friendly and not toxic. Lastly, the bridge should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of multiple ferrets.

Ferret Kong

The Kong is a popular chewing toy for dogs. Nowadays, you can find a small Kong specifically designed for the needs of your ferret. This toy is a great addition to the ferret cage. If your pet does not seem very keen to play with the Kong, simply hide a treat inside it. This will lure the ferret in and soon it will begin to play with the Kong. Not only will this little toy keep your ferret amused, it will also take care of its health. Chewing the Kong toy keeps your ferret’s gums and teeth clean and stimulated. It is also a good cure for boredom and will prevent depression among your pet ferrets.


If you are on a very tight budget, adding a simple shoe box inside the ferret cage can make a lot of difference. Take off the lid before placing the shoe box inside. Keep the paper used to wrap the shoes inside the box. Since the shoe paper is crisp and makes sound when crumpled or crushed, your pet ferret will love walking all over it. Ferrets love the crinkling sound.

Cardboard Rolls

When you are done with a toilet paper roll or a roll of aluminum foils, do not discard the cardboard roll within. You can use that as a cheap substitute for tunnels available in pet stores. Use your discretion well here. If the roll seems too narrow to you, do not put it inside the cage. Your ferret can accidentally get stuck inside the roll. Even if the roll has a wide diameter, do not place it in the ferret cage. Only introduce it during playtime so you can actively monitor the ferret. In case of any mishap, you can address the issue immediately.

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