How To Make A Ferret Hammock


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Ferrets love spending a major part of their day relaxing. Give them soft bedding, and they do not want anything else, literally!

You can say without any doubt that a ferret is a sleep-loving animal. Sleeping almost 15-20 hours a day is no joke! Of course, the entire period is not spent entirely on sleeping. In between, they do take small breaks by remaining awake.

Naturally, as a proud ferret owner, you would like to provide the best possible ambiance to sleep. It will allow your ferret to sleep and also enjoy his playtime.

Having a ferret hammock in this situation is the best move. In case you want to learn more about how to make a ferret hammock, you are reading the right material.

In this article we will furnish all requisite information in this regard. You will get to know many interesting and informative details. It consists of things like, do they need hammocks in the first place, how to make the best use of old sleep-sacks with colorful patterns, and a lot more. In addition, you will find answers for many questions such as how is it going to benefit the ferret?

Do They Need Hammocks In The First Place?

As an owner, you would want to offer the best possible amenities and facilities to your ferret if you are thinking about how to make a ferret hammock. If you are wondering why they require it in the first place, they need it for two reasons:

  • It keeps the ferret healthy.
  • Ferrets spend a large part of their daily life sleeping. By sleeping on a hammock, they get all necessary comfort.

Make Best Use Of Old Sleep-Sacks With Colorful Patterns

Yes, it is very much possible to make a hammock with the least measurement requirements. You do not always have to stitch a straight line. There are designs that can be done otherwise as well. By the way, your ferrets won’t be complaining about your poor sewing skills! You can take inspiration from this statement and try out the under-mentioned D.I.Y hammock in your attempt to get the best outcomes of how to make a ferret hammock!

If you already have some old sleep-sacks with you, make good use of it. Choose them with due diligence. Keep in mind factors like:

  • Suitable fabric.
  • Bold Colors.
  • Coordinating fleece.
  • Colorful prints.

Adhere to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Take the fleece and fabric together by their right sides. Position yourself suitably and cut them into straight edges. Coming to sizes you ought to take, this will depend on your choice. For instance, you can go for a 30-inch piece by 15-inch piece. To ensure the design works brilliantly, pay attention to the longer side of said rectangle.
  • Step 2: when it comes to sewing, take the right sides first and assemble them together. You have the liberty to do either a zigzag or straight stitch. To derive the added benefit of flipping the sleep-sack in question towards the right-side out, don’t forget to leave a small opening. Pin down the small opening. Thereafter, go ahead to machine-sew or hand-sew it so that it gets closed entirely.
  • Step 3: Get hold of the fleece and make it face-up. This ought to be followed by folding over and overlapping the existing two short ends with respect to the rectangle you have sewed. Notice the longer side so that the overlapping gets completed within inches. This has to necessarily take place in the middle of applicable long sides.

Coming to the loops needed for how to make a ferret hammock you will need for hanging purposes, it is easy to accomplish this task. Secure edges of the said cage so that it serves as the perfect sleep-sack. You can use a number of items for this job like a shoelace or a ribbon. Cut the same into four pieces measuring 4-5 inches at length.

Segregate the folded corners present in the sack. Make four loops and thrust them inside these folded corners. Use a pin for securing those ends that might be hanging out.

  • Step 4: The folded over rectangle must have two open sides. Pin them together so that you can sew them with ease. Depending upon the stitch you wish to have, zigzag or straight, get sewing done accordingly. Keep in mind to stitch the available corners securely with the loops.
  • Step 5: At this last step, turn your bag just right-side out, and voila, you are done!

Allow Your Ferret To Get A Sound Sleep With Pouch Hammock

Ferrets love a pouch hammock and it prompts pet owners to look for how to make a ferret hammock. It allows them to have a sound sleep. The best part is – they can achieve this without any worries of getting a cold.

Do not opt for any heavy fabric. Your little wonder is going to sleep in for a longer duration. Due to heavy fabric, it will become very hot and humid inside the hammock.

A pocket-like hammock is very easy to make on your own. Of course, you will need certain materials for it. This will include:

  • Four clips.
  • Two pieces of same-size lighter fabric.
  • Bias tape, long fabric or ribbons in for bits.
  • Everything that will be needed for sewing- needle, thread and sewing machine.
  • Scale.
  • Pins.
  • Pencil or chalk.
  • Scissors.

Whether you will need 12 inches, 24 inches, or more, determine the size according to your ferret. Take these measurements and your requirements into account and cut the fabric in this ratio. The hanging loop fabric can be cut into any size of your desire.

These are the straightforward steps that will guide you to make it comfortably.

  • Arrange all fabrics and place the main fabric at the top. Placement of the fabric is very crucial.
  • Measure half an inch and dedicate it exclusively for the seam. Sew all the fabric together. There is an exception here. Leave an inch towards the right-mid portion. You will end up getting a hole which you can use accordingly for later use.
  • There will be a necessity of turning it inside out. To facilitate this need, choose the corners and swiftly cut some extra fabric.
  • The fabric is then required to be divided into half. For convenience and ease, you can employ the scale and chalk for marking purposes.
  • Take the clips and hanging loops. Place them all in that specific spot.
  • Exercise a little caution – the loops ought to be on the outside and the clips on the inside.
  • Fold the fabric gently while making sure the loops hang on one side.
  • Take the other side and fold it over those loops. Ensure it is done over the very first fold.
  • For convenience, you can keep sewing the visible horizontal sides. This ought to be done together with those loops.
  • As the final step, get hold of the opening, turn the same to the right-side out position so that you get the outcome.

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How Do They Succeed In Getting A Better Sleep?

One thing which you ought to know about how to make a ferret hammock is the level of comfort a hammock can offer.

This will of course depend on rightful placement off the hammock in question. For instance, clip the hammocks to the cage. Ensure it remains suspended from the cage as well.

When you make such an arrangement, it gives the ambiance the ferret needs for a sound sleep!

How Is It Going To Benefit The Ferret?

Owing to the comfort they derive sleeping on it, this helps them to relax their entire physical anatomy. Hammocks do give a very cozy feel. It plays an instrumental role in enhancing uninterrupted sleep. In a sense, it does bring an overall improvement in health.

Give Due Consideration To Its Size

The amount of good sleep your ferret gets will depend on the size of the hammock as well. Apart from this, it will also offer necessary help when they indulge with their day-to-day activities.

For example, it will enable them to climb and explore their new-found home! Ideally, you ought to give preference to a large hammock. Opt for any with dimensions of around 17 x 17 inches.

Save Your Swivel Clips To Make A Hammock Of Your Own

Ferret owners buy fancy hammocks from the store for their lovely ferret. However, with constant use, ferrets often indulge with the dirty habit of chewing them.

Instead of throwing away such hammocks, you can benefit from it while exploring ways to make a hammock.

For instance, take out and preserve the swivel clips from them. In addition, you can even procure various assorted hardware such as shower curtain hooks. Use all these for attaching a hammock to their cages.

A word of caution – whichever clip you buy, make sure no part of the ferret’s body gets entangled in the clips.

Hammocks With the Hanging Loops Are A Great Choice

The level of comfort your ferret will derive from the hammock will depend on several factors. On such special consideration is the loop you opt for.

When it comes to best loop materials, settle for something like sturdy ribbons. Attach the hanging clips to these ribbons in the rightful manner.

If money is a constraint and you are looking for not so costly webbing, you can even settle for thin leashes. You can easily find them in the nearest discount stores.

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