Tips To Keep Ferret Bedding Clean


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Having a ferret as a pet is a huge responsibility. While taking care of ferret bedding, you need to keep in mind the following are a few tips:

Why is the size of the cage essential before buying the ferret bedding?

  • A critical aspect that can ruin all your hard work of keeping the ferret bedding clean is the cage size.
  • A small cage gives little space for the ferret to move, and so, your ferret will litter, eat and drink water on its bed. It will increase the frequency of keeping the cage clean. It will also affect the health of your ferret.
  • A large cage for a ferret is not advisable as your ferret could easily sneak out and find a comfortable spot inside the house but outside the cage.
  • A medium to large cage is a better idea as the ferret will move freely. It will also help as you do not have to clean the cage more than twice a day.
  • Choose a cage that has enough space for the play area, bedding area, litter area and feeding area. Your ferret will grow quickly and spending on a cage again will be an unnecessary expense.
  • Another idea is to buy a double or triple-level ferret cage. It will give plenty of space for the ferret to move freely. Having more levels will enable you to separate all the four essential areas for your ferret. Also, you will have to spend more time cleaning all the levels every day, either once or twice.

What should the bedding type and material be for a ferret?

  • A ferret needs a comfortable place to sleep within its cage. You can opt for an old towel or clothes as it is easy to wash them every week. You can throw them away, once it is torn or becomes too thin to use.
  • The most common ferret bedding material is an old T-shirt as it is soft, absorbs liquid, is easy to wash and reuse. It also creates a better bond with your ferret as it is sleeping on a T-shirt that you have worn earlier. The ferret will find comfort in sleeping on something that smells similar to its owner.
  • Do not choose a very old T-shirt as it will become disposable quickly. Your ferret will also take time adjusting to the new bedding material that you replace. Changing the bedding material frequently will not give comfortable sleep to your ferret as it would not get enough time to adjust to the new material.
  • If you want to pamper your pet, using a hammock is a great idea. A hammock tied with shoelaces enables the ferret to climb higher in the cage. Choose a thick hammock as ferrets tend to burrow when in comfortable spots.
  • You can microwave heating pads at a safe temperature during winters, put under a thick material, and place them on the ferret bedding. Be wary of overheating the pads and ensure that your ferret is comfortable with the heating pads.
  • Paper beds are also a great option is ferret bedding material. It is bio-degradable and has a fresh smell. It is also best for odor control and absorbs liquid easily. The only point of caution is that it does not have a fixed placement and could slip out of the cage. Since not all paper bed materials are stretchable, it would feel very stiff for your ferret.

What should be avoided while choosing a bedding material?

  • Avoid using any hard material for the ferret bedding such as a cardboard or wooden structures. While choosing a soft material, avoid silk and knitted pieces of cloth. Your ferret’s feet could get stuck in the knitted material, and, making its movement difficult. Silk material is fragile and can tear easily.
  • If you choose a hemp bedding which is usually used for small pets, but it could cause allergy to your ferret.

Where should the bedding be inside a ferret cage?

  • A ferret can mark its sleeping spot and once you identify it place the ferret bedding there. Ideally, the bedding must be away from the litter and food area.
  • A ferret is a messy eater and drinker. It will dirty the entire feeding area by the end of a meal. If the bedding area is next to the feeding area, then the messiness will be extended to the bedding area.
  • You can choose to keep the feeding and litter area next to each other. The bedding can be on the opposite end. By keeping these areas separate, your ferret will always sleep in a dry and comfortable space.
  • Also, the play area can be in the middle, instead of next to the bedding area. A quiet sleeping spot will give the best sleep to your ferret.

Why is a clean ferret cage important for its bedding?

  • You cannot escape the odor that emanates from a ferret. But, you can train your ferret to litter in the litter box. Training your ferret with treats for good behavior is advisable. A less treat day will encourage it to litter in the litter area. Do not overdo the treats!
  • Keep the litter box away from the bedding area so that your ferret follows the practice of moving to the opposite corner or different level. Again, choose a little box that is easy to clean and accessible for your ferret. Or else, you will find litter on the ferret bedding.
  • Clean the litter box twice a day. Use a disinfectant spray as it prevents any harmful disease from infecting your ferret.
  • Clean the entire cage at least once a day, or else the odor from the ferret cage will force you out of your own room. While cleaning, wipe all the levels, the rods and nooks of the cage. Also, keep the ferret out while cleaning the cage.
  • While feeding your ferret, ensure that it is a separate spot. Of course, you have no control over your ferret’s actions, but training it can help keep the cage cleaner. Keep water available all the time and refilling it multiple times a day.

What can cause bedding allergies for a ferret?

  • Ferrets can also contract allergies if it’s bedding material is uncomfortable. The first sign of an allergy is sneezing.
  • Avoid using strong-smelling disinfectants as it could create allergies and agitate your ferret. You will notice that your ferret will avoid using the litter area to litter. You will then be forced to spend more time cleaning the cage’s non-litter areas, unnecessarily.
  • Similarly, using strong perfumes or deodorants near the ferret can also cause your ferret to sneeze. If you have kept the ferret cage in your room, then do not spray perfumes in the room. Use it in the bathroom, which must also be away from the ferret cage.
  • While washing the bedding, choose the unscented washing detergent and conditioners. Or else, your ferret will stop sleeping on the ferret bedding and not be comfortable.
  • Whenever you replace the bedding with another old T-shirt, ensure that it is washed with an unscented detergent. Your ferret will be able to sniff the faint smell of strong perfume and could get an allergy.

What other aspects should be kept in mind for a clean ferret bedding?

  • Your ferret naps at many intervals throughout the day. So, always keep a lookout for its comfort when it comes to its bedding.
  • A clean ferret will ensure a clean ferret bedding. Your ferret will often smell and an everyday bath is must for the overall hygiene for your pet.
  • Allergies are cause of ill-health for your ferret. If your ferret is sick, then change the bedding material and replace it with a disposable material. Your ferret can easily litter, eat and recover in the ferret bedding on a fresh old T-shirt. Once your ferret has recovered, you can dispose the material immediately.
  • Keeping a healthy diet for your ferret is necessary so that it does not laze around in the bed the entire day because of overeating. It will not make the effort to move and dirty the bedding area.
  • If you are adopting more ferrets, make sure each has its own bed space. Do not allow bed sharing between the ferrets in a bed as it will create friction and fights inside the cage. Give each ferret a separate bed and allow it to get familiar with its own space. As a result, all the ferrets will co-exist and live happily.
  • Ferrets are small animals that require considerable attention and care. Make sure that your ferrets get enough time to sleep as well as play outside. It is necessary for their overall health.

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Choosing a ferret as a pet is a wonderful experience. It is almost like taking care of a human baby. You will have to give it more attention as a ferret is small and cannot make its needs obvious. Give it all the love you can!

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