How to Clean Ferret Ears


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Any pet lover will agree, ferrets are wonderful animals to domesticate. Affectionate and social, they easily bond with people.

As its owner, you are expected to possess all requisite information about them. This will include how to clean ferret ears. Remember, this is one of their special needs. If not cleaned properly, it can cause adverse health consequences. In this article, we have incorporated vital information in this regard. As you read, you will come to know various aspects such as why cleaning the ears is a must, what things you can use to clean, and more.

Why Are You Supposed To Clean Their Ears?

As a proud owner of your ferret, you ought to take every step for its safety including how to clean ferret ears. To clean the ears on time fall under this criterion.

Coming to the question – why you ought to clean it in the first place? There is an obvious reason behind this.

There is an accumulation of dirt inside the ears over a while. To ensure your ferret ends up having sound health, you must keep its ears clear of discharge and debris.

What Can You Use For Cleaning Purpose?

You can employ an ear cleaner of repute.

They contain appropriate components which in turn help in washing away all the wax and dirt. You can use it regularly and it is also non-staining.

How To Use The Cleaner?

The application process is very straightforward. There are three steps involved, namely:

  • Apply the cleaner directly in the applicable ear.
  • Massage.
  • Dab away any residual remains.

Why Is It Advised Not To Clean the Ears Too Much?

“Excess of anything can invite dangerous outcomes”. This statement is perfectly suitable when it comes to how to clean ferret ears. When you resort to cleaning the ears more than what is warranted, it will have its ramifications and repercussions. For instance, the natural protective oils present get removed inviting detrimental consequences. On account of this, it is recommended you maintain equilibrium in the duration of cleaning.

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Acquaint Yourself How To Decipher When To Clean

The debris that accumulates in the ears does not happen overnight! It takes place gradually daily. The best thing to do in this situation would be to check it at regular intervals.

You ought to check it properly to decipher whether there is a build-up. Holding your ferret’s head, you ought to look both ears to judge the state of build-up.

Usually, the ear wax in a ferret is far darker than in humans. Typically speaking, the ear wax in question will be in colors of brown or dark red.

Well, while seeing these colors, keep an eye on the color very carefully. If the ear wax is almost black, it is a clear indication of the presence of ear mites.

What Causes Ear Mites In The First Place?

Please note ear mites get transmitted to a ferret from an infected ferret. This happens from direct contact between two such ferrets. At times, these mites get transferred from surfaces like carpeting as well.

Oftentimes, the hind limbs come to great use by the ferret for its day to day actions. For instance, they do employ it regularly for holding out their ear canal. As they keep doing so frequently, the same limb comes in direct contact with the ears. At times, owing to this deed, it harms the skin.

What Happens If You Do Not Treat It On Time?

Like any other health condition, treatment for ear mites is a must for the safety of your ferret. To understand how to clean ferret ears better, it is worth knowing the repercussions it will cause in case you fail to do so.

It can cause several problems like:

  • Severe Itching.
  • Growth of bacterial infections.
  • Rampant swelling in the ear canals.
  • Total or partial deafness.

Provide Care To Do Away With Ear Mites

If you wish to do away with ear mites, offer them suitable care. It will include things like:

  • Whatever ear cleaner you use, make sure the ear canal has an overall presence of the components of the cleaner.
  • Provide massage softly covering the entire base of the ears.

What To Expect From Your Veterinarian For Treatment Of Ear Mites?

Your veterinarian is the best professional to determine how to clean ferret ears to get rid of ear mites. Depending upon the requirements of each case, they will be using medicines especially meant for treating cats and dogs like:

  • Revolution™
  • Ivermectin™

Never apply these medicines on your own. Instead, use them under the close supervision of your veterinarian.

You Can Save It From Ear Mites With Timely Intervention

Ferrets do suffer from the problem of ear mites. Cleaning the ears on a timely basis is desirable. Ideally, you ought to take it to a vet. The professional vet in question in turn will be taking a sample of the wax. This wax will undergo a microscope for further analysis and observation. Once this is complete, the inspection results will throw light if the mites or their egg casings are present.

Watch Out If There Is Any Infection

As a pet owner, you might be spending quality time with your ferret. Chances are you are almost familiar with its each move. If you ever notice it scratching the head more than often or shaking its head, this means something is wrong. The reasons could be due to three possible reasons. It includes:

  • Ear infection.
  • Existence of ear mites.
  • Any other health issues.

The best thing to do is to go to a vet without jeopardizing its life. It will also mean your darling ferret will receive faultless treatment.

Tell-Tale Signs Of An Ear Infection In A Ferret

Bad-smelling crust coming out of the ears, external pain, scratching at the said external ear flaps or head shaking is the most common symptom. Yes, the presence of a black or red-brown crust does not cause any detrimental effect. Nevertheless, be very careful about the smell as it differs in case there is indeed an ear infection.

For instance, the putrid smell indicates the presence of an infection.

What To Do If You See Change In The Ferret’s Ear Wax Colors, Quantity, And Consistency?

Normally, ferrets are widely known to contain golden-brown or reddish-brown ear wax. The quantum of ear wax will keep varying from one ferret to another. Nevertheless, there are times when you might spot a change in terms of color, quantity, and consistency. The best move would be to get in touch with your veterinarian.

Use Rightful Cleaning Items In The Correct Manner

The cleaning procedure ought to be done using the rightful cleaning items and accurately. The two most important items in this regard would include:

  • Ear Cleanser.
  • Cotton Swabs.

Coming to the procedure, the ear cleanser ought to be warmed up before you nape your favorite ferret for cleaning. Ensure to warm up the cleanser before you clean. In case you use them at room temperatures, it is likely to cause some irritation in your ferret’s ear. Take a bowl and put some warm water in it. Follow this by dipping the entire cleanser bottle. Ideally, you need to leave it for 1 to 2 minutes. It would help the cleanser to gain the temperature that matches your ferret’s body temperature. In addition, the presence of water will give a cozy feeling to the ferret when you clean the ears. Ideally, settle for 101 °F as it matches its body temperature. Before you decide to insert the cotton swab, make sure to dip it in the cleanser.

If you so desire, you can put 2 drops inside its ears. Finally, take a cotton swab and use it.

Things To Avoid During Cleaning

Your ferret holds a special place in your life. You would not want it to suffer because of your ignorance, for instance.

On account of this, you must avoid doing the mentioned things:

  • Using natural oils instead of cleaners is not recommended. It will lead to further accumulation of earwax. Make sure to use gentle kitten cleansers or the ones especially meant for ferret ear cleaning.
  • Resort to cleaning the ears on completion of bathing them. It will become a lot easier to clean any water or shampoo presence.
  • Never opt for a cold ear cleaner. Owing to the irritation it will cause, it will become difficult to clean their ears.
  • You will encounter difficulties cleaning the ears by employing one hand as you hold it with another hand. For smooth cleaning outcomes, ask assistance from your friend, relative, and so on.

Wrapping Up!

By bringing your lovely ferret into your home, you have made the right move. Give suitable health relief to the creature. Take measures that augur well for their health and safety. Cleaning the ears is one such crucial step. You can easily accomplish this objective as the process is pretty much straightforward. Even if you have some doubts in your mind, the above-given details will come in handy. Adhere to the recommendations and suggestions to have the last laugh!

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