How To Play With a Ferret


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Yes, ferrets do fit into the definition of an energy-filled little ball of fluff very easily. The greatest thing about them is they love to play by themselves. Of course, they prefer to do so in the company of you and other ferrets.

Ferret owners at times find it a little confusing how to play with a ferret. The confusion is well understood. Every pet is unique and different. There is always an element of differences in terms of their preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Fortunately, you are reading the appropriate article. It covers a wide range of aspects from learning the best way to spend quality time playing with them to unearth the wise way to play with them, and a lot more.

Learn the best way to spend quality time playing with them

Ferrets are very active and energetic. They love to keep running around and prefer exploring the outside world beyond their cage.

Give them the best option to play and you can see the joy in their face. For instance, place it in a large plastic container or kiddie pool having high walls. Put all ferret playing toys inside it. Allow your bundle of joy to indulge with some playtime. Their actions will speak louder than words!

Unearth the wise way to play with them

When it comes to a great playtime, ferrets are more than willing to take the plunge! This means you are saved from making a torturous attempt to coax them to play.

These ferrets are pro at playing. You do not have to bother yourself with unnecessary thinking about how to play with a ferret.

The moment you leave them alone, they are very good at creating a playing situation out of nowhere!

Make sure you give them the right ambiance and all necessary accessories to play with.

Once this part is taken care of by you, get ready to witness a great gaming session with them.

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Use certain parameters and yardsticks to judge their happiness

There are certain traits or parameters you can count on to judge if they are happy. For instance, in case it is interacting with you, it will portray its happiness readily by:

  • Holding its head up, and
  • Signaling its eagerness to interact with you!

During this phase, most ferrets love to hop around in great excitement. Some may even resort to silly antics or a Weasel War Dance.

This will give you a clear indication that your darling ferret is enjoying and having a wonderful time.

Explore what they like to play with

Not every play item or accessory you bring will be liked by your ferret. On account of this, you must explore all possible alternatives. This way, you can arrive at the best conclusions about how to play with a ferret.

Of course, among the most popular items they love, the list includes:

  • Plastic balls,
  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Rattles, and
  • Pipes that permit them to run through.

When they are provided with such items, you can see them doing a lot of playtime activities. For instance, you will find them chasing a string the manner a cat does. Do not be surprised if you see them run around manically!

Unearth details about toys they love and the ones to avoid

Ferrets do not love all kinds of toys. Similarly, some toys keep them indulged endlessly.

Give your furry friend the safest playtime ambiance by giving it toys that are safe to play with.

It will include:

  • Commercial ferret tubes or PVC pipes.
  • Hard plastic balls.
  • Paper bags and Cardboard boxes.
  • Large ferret balls with holes.
  • Cardboard boxes and paper bags.

Offer them games they love

Your ferret is your most prized possession and a bundle of joy for you.

Offer it the games they love to play, including:

Burrowing for toys: Digging and exploring underground is something every ferret loves. By providing this game you will give them a lot of scope to have great entertainment.

For instance, they will take an active part in:

  • A digging, and
  • Toy-finding challenge!

Make it more sporting for your ferret by filling up a large to medium-sized cardboard box with some neutral materials. This can consist of:

  • Packing peanuts, or
  • Shredded paper.

Once you have completed this task, go about hiding some of their favorite items in the box, like:

  • Toys and
  • Treats

All these developments are more than enough for your ferret to showcase of its sporty side! For instance, they will indulge with actions such as:

  • Rooting through the box, and
  • Making all desperate attempts to track down their hidden goodies!

Lure him to generate a prey drive by offering a fish

There is an easy way to lure your ferret to a game involving a fish and get best answer to how to play with a ferret. For example, suspend a ball on a string and hold the stick for your ferret. Seeing the fish, your ferret’s prey instinct will come out immediately.

As it’s hunting instincts come into the foray, you can involve yourself differently to make it a great playtime experience. You can:

  • Trail the toy all along with the floor, and
  • Lift it in a manner so that it is out of reach for your ferret.

Once done, you can keep watching how energetically and joyfully your ferret tries to catch it.

Teach him to climb all the stairs and run through

Ferrets are great learners. Teach them to climb stairs as well as run through tunnels.

Take help of miniature tubes and steps to place them in areas your ferret is most likely to visit like the cage. Give treats so that they find it encouraging and entice it to make progress.

Alternatively, you can even opt for a clicker. Used to gain a pet’s attention by mere a clicking noise, it serves brilliantly as a training device.

Give him necessary assistance so that it learns to acknowledge sound of a clicker. The moment your ferret succeeds in successfully completing the job, give a treat as the best reward.

Try go tunneling

Almost every ferret loves to explore all available tight spaces. They take it as a great challenge.

Place your covers over them ideally on the bed.

Your ferret will take a deep interest to for finding their way out. This game gives them the requisite amount of mental and excitement stimulation as well.

Do this in your home so that he ends up having a wonderful time together.

The entire process can be simplified in few steps:

Step 1: Place a box, a paper bag or a cardboard shipping tube on the ground.

Step 2: Put a tiny treat inside.

Step 3 : Put your ferret inside. This will permit them for exploring and snacking. They will make successful tries until it comes way out of the said container.

Discover the intelligence and tenacity of your ferret with a game of making a maze

Your ferret possess true traits of being intelligent and tenacious. You will get aware about this aspect once you involve them with a game of making a maze. You will also get familiar with how to play with a ferret.

They love to play this game as it enables them to encounter challenges. The game is challenging in terms of mental and physical levels.

Depending on your preferences and choices, you can:

  • Purchase a ready-made maze kit applicable for small animal, or
  • Go for your individual selection of:
  1. Boxes,
  2. Tubes, and
  3. Other obstacles.

Make the game interesting and thrilling for your ferret by hiding treats in the maze. You can take the challenges to a different level by changing few things in between. For instance, you can alter the layout of the said maze.

Let your ferret enjoy the thrill of chasing

The game of chasing your ferret will give a thrilling experience to your them.

Adhere to these steps:

  • Choose an area that will allow both of you to run freely without any interruption. Go for a long hallway or a big room to run around in and chase your ferret, so choose a big room.
  • In case you wish to continue the chase in various rooms, ensure removal of all obstacles from the said planned path.
  • Take a toy and prompt your ferret to chase you as well. Give them their favorite toy so that it finds the game fascinating. Thereafter, take it back and get ready to be chased by your ferret,

You want this fun-filled game to go on without any major fuss, right? Choose the toy very judiciously. For instance, make sure to opt for a toy that contains a wonderful smell.

It is this smell that might entice the ferret to get interested in the game. Absence of any smell might not give you anticipated outcomes.

The last thing you expect is that your ferret gets frightened and scared. They exhibit an anxious and a nervous personality. On account of this, any element of anxiousness or nervousness may spoil the result of the game.

Ferrets love the concept of pay tag. On account of this, as you touch and run away, they understand what is expected of them. This explains why they react immediately by chasing you.

You can employ the following three-steps technique to have a great chasing game:

  • Run up to it.
  • Touch it gently, and
  • Then run away quickly!

Wrapping Up!

Health is very important for your ferret. It ought to be healthy both mentally and physically. Give it rightful happiness to attain this objective.

You have the liberty to choose from a wide number of options – toys, games, activities, and more.

Give your ferret a wonderful playtime to see overall growth and happiness in them!

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