Best Ferret Names for Your Little Pet


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Ferrets are cute little animals hailing from the same family as otters and badgers. These tiny creatures serve as amazing companions. It is therefore important that you call them by the appropriate name.

If you are looking for some great ferret names, this article is for you. Before going through the list of names, you should know the rationale behind choosing a good ferret name.

How to Choose Good Ferret Names

Before surfing through the list of potential ferret names, you should consider these important points –

Understand your Ferret

Get to know your ferret. Learn about their personalities, likes and dislikes. The name of your ferret should suit their core nature. But don’t beat yourself too much about it. Similar to humans, animals can grow up to be different individuals.

Look for Inspiration

The name of your ferret could also reflect something that is important to you. You can name your ferret after your favorite character or toy or fruit. As long as the name is special to you, go ahead and call your little pet by that name.

Keep it Simple

Your pet ferret is a humble animal. Do not give it a long and complicated name. Keep the name short and simple, so that the ferret can understand and respond.

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To help you choose the right name for your little pet, this section includes lists of potential ferret names divided into various categories. These categories are – Most Popular Ferret Names, Adorable Ferret Names, Nerdy Ferret Names, One-of-a-Kind Ferret Names, Ferret Names for Babies and Food Inspired Ferret Names

The following names have been rated the best of the lot. You may find some familiar names on the list. After all, these are the most popular names you can give to a ferret.

  • Tiffany – If you have a female ferret that plays hard to get, then this name is perfect.
  • Kirra – This is a very cute name for your regular, ferret-next-door female.
  • Leo – For a male ferret with a sense of pride and royalty, Leo is an appropriate name.
  • Pip – A goofy ferret with a sense of humor and the energy to stay positive, deserves this name.
  • Bruno – Brave, hardy and strong – a male ferret that embodies these qualities should be named Bruno.
  • Gracie – As the name suggests, this one is perfect for an obedient, elegant and peaceful girl ferret.
  • Bubbles – A gender neutral name, best suited for the jubilant and lively ferrets.
  • Patrick – This one suits a male ferret who exhibits a sense of responsibility and reliability.
  • Bumper – If your ferret often bumps into obstacles around it, could you then do with a better name?
  • Brisby – A serious, proud ferret who likes to spend time alone will do justice to this name.
  • Rudy – Perfect for a carefree, although indifferent, ferret who minds his or her own business.
  • Buck – Visitors will love to meet and play with your good-natured boy ferret Buck.
  • Peaches – For the ones who are adorable beyond compare, but have no airs about it.
  • Sid – The funniest ferrets of the lot, who like a good joke or prank, will truly live up to this name (think Sid the Sloth from the film Ice Age).
  • Casper – Sweet, caring yet mischievous – just like Casper the Friendly Ghost from cartoons.
  • Manny – For those ferrets who are big in size and bigger in resolve, sometimes strict other times playful (another Ice Age reference).
  • Ginger – Complements the ferrets with a ginger colored coat or patches of fur.
  • Cotton – Soft to touch, gentle to play with – Cotton will make a sophisticated ferret.
  • Obie – A slightly unusual name which will suit the rare wise ferrets.
  • Luna – An easy to remember name for a good ferret girl.
  • Griff – For the uncommon grumpy types who spoil other ferrets’ play time.
  • Pixie – As the name suggests, let the small-sized ferrets keep this one.
  • Snuggles – These babies cannot keep their paws off you. They love to snuggle.
  • Popples – Another famous name from popular culture. Goes with either gender.
  • Wizzy – This one is for the ferrets that cannot stop whining for food.
  • Walnut – Goes with the walnut colored coat or patches of fur on your ferret.
  • Zippy – Zip, zap, zoom! This name is perfect for the fast-paced, active ferrets.

Adorable Ferret Names

The names mentioned below drip with cuteness. Simply calling your ferret by this name will make you feel squishy in the stomach.

  • Aal – A noble ferret should earn this name.
  • Ada – This name is for any regular girl ferret.
  • Alphie – Inspired by the mythical elves, give this name to a ferret that is different.
  • Abe – A great name for an older, more mature male ferret.
  • Bela – If you have a female ferret whose coat is white, this name is perfect for it.
  • Barney – Suits a slightly clumsy male ferret with good intentions.
  • Boru – This one is inspired by the Spiderman comics. Give this name to the adventurous ferret.
  • Billy – For the obedient, faithful ferret who is eager to learn more.
  • Caleb – Give this name to a kind male ferret that seldom gets into a fight.
  • Cai – if you have a female ferret that has a multicolored coat, then this name is perfect.
  • Chopper – Suits a ferret of either gender with an orange or brown colored coat.
  • Chava – Give this name to an active ferret who enjoys life to the fullest.
  • Dawn – If your female ferret rises early in the morning, name her Dawn.
  • Daddyo – Nothing peculiar, just a cool name for a cool boy ferret.
  • Domino – For a ferret of either gender with black and white stripes on its coat.
  • Dink – Suits a small-sized ferret that does not let its tiny stature lower its energy.
  • Eve – For the first lady of Earth, or your first female ferret ever.
  • ET – Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s film, give this name to the slightly unusual, but kind ferret.
  • Efrem – If you have a spectacular looking male ferret, this name would complement it.
  • Fergie – Suits a strong, independent and active female ferret.
  • Erv – A Porsche sounding name for an equally refined male ferret.
  • Flash – For the ferret with a shiny attractive coat that matches its hyperactivity.

Nerdy Ferret Names

The following names are slightly unusual.

  • Flipper – Suits an acrobat ferret that likes to jump and flip.
  • Gad – For the ferret that is always cheerful and up for playtime.
  • Ghost – If your ferret has a completely white coat, why not name it something spooky?
  • Gigi – The coolest girl ferret in town should have the coolest name.
  • Gonzo – Inspired by the Muppet Show, give this name to an androgynous ferret (if there is such a thing).
  • Homer – Loves to eat, loves to sleep and loves to play – that is Homer the Ferret for you.
  • Bigfoot – For the ferret with big bones and bigger paws.
  • Havoc – The name says it all; this little ferret can never keep things in order.
  • Iggy – Suits a ferret of either gender that is bursting with energy.
  • Ivory – If your ferret has an ivory colored coat, why not name it after that?

One-of-a-Kind Ferret Names

These names are truly unique. You will rarely come across another ferret by the same name.

  • Lenka – Suits a ferret of either gender that has a balanced temperament.
  • Lego – If your ferret loves to play with toys, name it after one.
  • Momo – A silly name for a silly looking or behaving little ferret.
  • Miles – For the male ferret who is brave and courteous and rarely complains.
  • Mable – This one is for the adorable and cute ferret whom everyone likes.
  • Mystral – For the mysterious ferret who prefers some alone time.
  • Ned – For the jolly good ferret who shares with the rest.
  • Naja – If you have a pair of siblings, give this name to the sister.
  • Ogen – This one is for the ferret who lives in harmony with others.
  • Otto – For the ferret who likes to stock up on food and space.

Ferret Names for Babies

These names will suit baby ferrets best.

  • Twister – Give this name to the ferret that won’t stay inside the cage.
  • Twiggy – Suits a really small baby ferret, with tiny hands and feet.
  • Vanilla – For the baby ferret that is adorably more needy than the rest.
  • Usher – If your baby ferret shows signs of independence, it might usher others to more responsibility.
  • Vivi – For the lively, happy and fun-loving baby ferret.

Food Inspired Ferret Names

Still looking for more names? The following names have been inspired by fruits and vegetables.

  • Yam – For the more sober, quiet ferret type.
  • Apples – If your ferret is energetic and kind, name it after something sweet.
  • Cherry – For the female ferret who likes to be first in everything.
  • Fig – Not to everyone’s taste, this ferret minds its own business.
  • Mango – For the ferret which is sweet but temperamental.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what you name your ferrets, remember that how you look after them is more important in shaping their personalities. If you raise them well, your ferrets will behave properly.

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