A cute ferret curiously looks out of a cage
Ferrets are cute animals that are an overload of love. They are perfect pets because they are smart yet friendly.

10 Awesome Ferret Cage Ideas


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The cutest furry pets that you can rear are ferrets. Brown, black, white or mixed, nothing can beat the cuteness overload of your ferret. They are naturally quite, intelligent and inquisitive. Perfect to bond with if you have the time and connection towards them. They may keep your hands full at times, but they also fill your hearts up with undeniable warmth.

Getting your favorite furry ball its cozy home it the next big step. There are a lot of options when it comes to the type of cage you pick for your pet. Some light and cozy, others bold and flashy. Pick wisely because your pet will spend most of its time in the enclosure you choose for it. Keep in mind that it should be able to play, eat and rest in the designated space of the cage. Whether you want to get your ferret a new cage or you want to spruce up its home for the holidays this piece is for you.


Redoing your wardrobe into your ferret’s cage seems to be an unconventional idea. But it is the perfectly built space that you need. The shelves and already existing doors mean that you have to build nothing new. Just redecorate it. Irrespective of whether they are attached to your wall or are of a standalone type, they make good ferret cages. You may need to cut small windows on the wardrobe doors for air and sunshine. Try not to cut out the back or side walls of the wardrobe, in case you want to use it as a storage space again.

Metallic or wooden wardrobes are suitable. They are both sturdy and allow your pet to play around. Consider repainting your wardrobe in a fun mix of colors. Bright shades could add a pop of color to the corner of your room. You could blend it in and match it with the general theme of your home. That way your home and your ferret’s home could be twining.

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Footwear shelf

Another less thought of piece of furniture is the footwear rack. It is perfect if you do not want your ferret’s cage to take up much space. It can be fit in snugly anywhere in your house. Keeping it below a window is recommended since it gets the most sunlight and it helps in the air circulation. Consider placing a ramp to help your ferret get into its home, if the shelf is more than 2 inches higher than ground level.

You can use the top of your footwear rack as a cool place to put your plants or a fancy key holder, if it is in your foyer. Feel free to decorate it as you please. Make sure there are some windows cut into it for natural light and cool breeze. It can fit into nooks of your house which are difficult to decorate. Push it flush against the wall or use it to separate your space into different areas. Keep in mind that it can be a cool tool that enhances your living area.

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Single rack mesh cage

This is the most common type of ferret cage out there. The single mesh rack is a very convenient and pocket-friendly idea for a cage. Cleaning the cage becomes as easy as just hosing it down or wiping it with a wet cloth. You can also use alcohol-based and fragrant detergents to keep it smelling fresh. A lemon flavored detergent is a good first step. It screams freshness and has a certain delicate feel to it. It is advantageous as you can at all times see what’s going on inside the cage. If you are a first time ferret-parent and are gauging the process, this is a good idea for you.

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Multi level mesh cage

Rearing two ferrets takes the same time and energy as one but is twice the fun. For people who have dived deep into it and have multiple pets, this is one awesome idea. You can buy multi level mesh cages from your nearest pet store or online. These are compartmentalized so that you can choose to train your pets to use their own side of the cage.

The cages also come pre-built with different types of openings between the different levels so that the ferrets can cover more ground without your intervention. It is up to you to choose the number of levels you want for your pet. It could depend on how many ferrets you have, how much space you are willing to use for the cage and how much time you can spend on maintenance. Try to keep them in a place of good sunshine and air circulation. The hallway leading to the backyard or the porch are good places to keep this type of cage.

Towel hammock

This is the single most awesome idea you can have when you build a cage for your ferret. You can get the most snug hand towels you can find in the dollar store and make it a hammock. All you have to do is attach the four corners of the towel to the roof of the cage using metal twines. The size of the towel should be about 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) longer than the body length of your pet. This will ensure more comfort as he jumps to the hammock to hang out. The thicker the towel, the longer it is bound to last. Feel free to make the cage look like a blast of colors of your choice. Have fun with the texture of the towels. You can use knitted wool or Turkish towels or plain cotton for the hammocks. Let your imagination run wild with this one.

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Bendy plastic tube

Your pet will appreciate a cool slide in his home. Bendy plastic tubes are available in hardware stores. If you have a multi-layered cage, you can use these to connect them from one level to the level immediately below it. As these come in different sizes, make sure that the diameter of the pipe is at least 5 inches wide. You don’t want it to feel cramped for your pet. Use the different colors that these come in to your advantage. Match or contrast it with the rest of the cage. Consider buying a neutral colored pipe and later wrapping them in colorful and patterned scarves or ribbons.

Blanket lining

The ultimate homey accessory idea for your ferret’s cage is to line the cage with blankets. Blankets of wool, cotton or a suede cloth will do the trick. Make sure you use only natural fabrics like cotton, jute or wool. Any synthetic material might prove to be uncomfortable during the summer months. You can line about half the walls with soft blankets. Be mindful of not covering the entire walls as it would hinder the flow of air and light into the cage.

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The other fun accessory idea that your ferret will enjoy is a ladder. These are found in any pet store and are available at competitive prices on the web. Match the material of the cage to that of the ladder, wood or metal, for it to look more put together. Keep the ladders in places that are not occupied by hammocks or the plastic tubes. Too many accessories in the same place will only make it look cluttered. They can be used either to connect one level to the next or hung in parallel to one level for your ferret to skip onto it when he feels like it.

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Food and water

Instead of feeding your ferret in the corner of your kitchen, check out the idea of keeping the feeding bowl in the cage itself. Keep a small separate space free of blankets or hammocks in an easily reachable corner of the cage. In this way you can clean it all in one go on your free weekend. Any mess made while eating will remain confined to the cage which you can easily reach out and clean. Use lively food and water bowls to double as additional fun elements in the cage.

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Litter box

The big step in rearing a ferret is the potty training. To assist you in doing this, a functional idea would be to keep the litter box in the space your ferret uses the most. The best place to put it would be the lowest level in the cage. If you have a single level cage, it can be put at the back of the cage. If you keep the cage open all the times, the litter box can be kept beneath the cage itself. A nondescript metallic type of box is recommended.

Supplies shelf

It is awesome idea to store all your ferret-related supplies in the cage itself. Keeping all the supplies at one place will keep your mind off it and you will not spend time trying to recall where the detergent is. It will not take away from the pet’s play area if you can attach a shelf on top of the cage. Another good idea is to find a hatch behind any one of the doors of the cage. Consider using an over-the-door cubby to hang on the door so that the floor space is not compromised for your cuddly pet.

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