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Cat Fashion

Cats – real fashionista. Graceful by nature, they did hint at the style and elegance, and in the best clothes from fashion designers with their beauty knows no boundaries. Here are some photos from the shooting of a cat calendar.

Cat Fashion1 Cat Fashion

If your teacher for drawing in the school had four legs, and he liked to be patted on the back, then he would look that way. It seems there is not enough only to score.

Cat Fashion2 Cat Fashion

How sexy vampire, this cat knows what she looks best in spring bloom, and so is her turquoise dress with dignity. Stealing, craving style, this little tiger ready to pounce on anyone who thinks it unfashionable.

Cat Fashion3 Cat Fashion

This cat is resting in the so-called “hybrid” black dress and attire of a pilgrim. ” In this outfit pretty angry kitty!

Cat Fashion4 Cat Fashion

Like a little Red Riding Hood, this cat is proud, most likely, because he understands the power of style along with a black ribbon. This baby is clearly looking for a friend!

Cat Fashion5 Cat Fashion

The show must always be a star, and this cat in an elegant blouse and black skirt is perfect for this role. Yeah, this position is not proignoriruesh. Okara!

Cat Fashion6 Cat Fashion

Call her Lady Better one: this cat in a tuxedo with a big bow is it better than any superstar. Lady Gaga – Meet compete.

Happy Cat

The cat was spotted back in March, when only just begun to go to the snow and the sun made the way, finally, through the forbidding clouds. Photographer just could not pass this entertainer, who then stood on his hind legs, then skipped, then played with himself. Apparently, the cat (or was it a cat?) Too happy the first sun and warm weather. Here are some pictures of a truly unique moment of the game .. a beautiful kitty in a beautiful park, one fine day .. Enjoy your perfect posing this sweet kitty.

Funny Cat1 Happy Cat

Funny Cat2 Happy Cat

Funny Cat3 Happy Cat

Funny Cat4 Happy Cat

Funny Cat5 Happy Cat

Funny Cat6 Happy Cat

Funny Cat7 Happy Cat

Funny Cat8 Happy Cat

Funny Cat9 Happy Cat

Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

In this collection will be discussed about noses. One species of animals, they help to catch prey, others – to attract the opposite sex, the third – to fight for territory. But in some species of animals nose – one of the most prominent and attention-grabbing body parts.

Animal Noses1 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

Star nouse mool usual in eastern Canada and north-eastern United States. If you’ve never seen it, it is not surprising – these creatures most of the time underground, digging tunnels. They use their nose in the form search and build-up (which, incidentally, his entire 22 pieces) for  worms and insects in the dark.

Animal Noses2 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

In Nosy monkey expressive nose, which can reach 17 cm, there is only the males. That nose attracts females. As they say, someone a big nose ..

Animal Noses3 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

On our planet, more than two million domestic pigs, not including wild boars. Pigs are not choosy. They use their noses to find food, which may vary from acorns and insects, rotten food waste..

Animal Noses4 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

Aardvark is translated as “earth pig.” These noisy nocturnal pursue termites, nosing their own sensitive noses. Aardvark, or aardvark, tearing termitnye mountains with its talons, then poke poke in his nose and suck the termites

Animal Noses5 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

These breeds of dogs, like pugs and bulldogs are known for their small upturned nose, and grunts, which they make. Because of these flattened muzzles dogs may have problems with breathing, to correct which may require surgical intervention.

Animal Noses6 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

All we saw elephants, but have you ever wondered how unusual nose of pachyderms? The trunk is also the nose and lip and additional hand. Huge Asian and African elephants use their trunks to manipulate small objects, scratching his back, wiping his eyes, fell trees and drink.

Animal Noses7 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

Elephant seals with their unforgettable noses can be found in oceans around the world. Only adult males have these swollen noses that allow them to produce deafening screams. These noses are also helping them to store water, prevent loss of body fluids during the mating season when males usually leave the beach to find food and water.

Animal Noses8 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

An impressive nose rhino formed from keratin, which comprise derivatives horny epidermis – structures such as hair and nails. These brutal kind of animals live in Africa and Asia. In China, people hunt rhinos for their horns, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Animal Noses9 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

Dachshund dogs such as dachshunds, are on the other side of the spectrum noses, on the opposite side of the pugs and bulldogs. Derived for hunting badgers and rabbits, these dogs with their long noses – a true master of scent.

Animal Noses10 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

Long-eared Elephant shrew does not jumpers. After several years of scientific confusion, scientists have argued that these mammals do not belong to any animal species. In fact, this distant relatives aardvark, hyraxes, manatees, and, yes, elephants. With their long noses, they are looking for their dinner on the ground – beetles and spiders.

Animal Noses11 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

Tapirs – these commentators, living in the forests of South Africa, Central and South-eastern America. They can bend their soft flexible noses in all directions in search of fruit and leaves.

Animal Noses12 Top 12 Weirdest Noses In Animal Kingdom

Okay, this is certainly not the nose, but we could not ignore the impressive bill of fatness. These colorful birds live in Mexico, South and Central America and the Caribbean, where they decide to fight for their territory impressive beaks

Fly Nightmare… Jumping Spider

Looking sternly into the camera, these exotic creatures like monsters from a horror movie. But despite their appearance of these creatures are “growth” is not more than 6 cm. The jumping spider family contains more than 500 described genera and about 5,000 described species, making it the largest family of spiders with about 13% of all species.  Jumping spiders have good vision and use it for hunting and navigating. They are capable of jumping from place to place, secured by a silk tether. Both their book lungs and the tracheal system are well-developed, as they depend on both systems bimodal breathing.

Salticidae1  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

Salticidae2  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

These spiders are harmless to humans, which can jump to a height of up to six times greater than their height, can be found in grassy meadows and on the walls of houses on sunny days.

Salticidae3  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

Photographer Thomas Cancer is looking for them throughout England, to capture with macro photography.

Salticidae4  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

As a result we have excellent photos with a wide spectrum in the eyes of the “models”.

Salticidae5  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

28-year-old cancer said that people like his photos. “Usually people are amazed by this Salticidae, asked how I manage to get close so close”

Salticidae6  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

Macro photography is a very interesting thing. It allows you to see the details that do not consider the naked eye, and I love her.

Salticidae7  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

Finding a tiny, Cancer classifies them into his house in London to photograph.

Salticidae8  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

“Normally I find them on the walls near a sunny day, when they try to catch prey.”

Salticidae9  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

They are not so easy to find, but once you see your first Spider-horse, see how he, as a move, you can find other without any problems.

Salticidae10  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

“Some photographers put a spider in the refrigerator, because they are so quiet and easier to photograph”

Salticidae11  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

But the cancer does not do it, so that perfect shot takes a little time and patience. In fact, to take pictures of one of his favorite species – blue-eyed Saitis barbipes, – took three agonizing weeks.

Salticidae12  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

After the photo, Mr. cancer off his “model” at will, where he found them.

Salticidae13  Fly Nightmare... Jumping Spider

Bird Olympics

Yeah, these feathered athletes know how to win the gold. Only gold.

Bird Olympics1 Bird Olympics

Bird Olympics2 Bird Olympics

Sports birds took part in the “Sports Meeting of birds” in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

Bird Olympics3 Bird Olympics

The birds took part in a number of different sports. This guy has beaten its own record for weightlifting.

Bird Olympics4 Bird Olympics

Kakadu on a bicycle.

Bird Olympics5 Bird Olympics

Parrot is engaged to make sure that his beak in shape.

Bird Olympics6 Bird Olympics

Right midfielder.

Bird Olympics7 Bird Olympics

It is known that the Roman emperor Heliogabalus fed parrots and peacocks in the zoo lions, though the price of parrots was a great deal: they paid for them more than a slave.

Bird Olympics81 Bird Olympics

Parrots – centenarians. Life expectancy large parrots to 50-60, and sometimes up to 100 years. Small parrots live on less: 20-25 years old.

Bird Olympics9 Bird Olympics

Kakadu is perhaps the most interesting and amusing parrot. It is capable of opening locks and gates.

Bird Olympics11 Bird Olympics

More recently, taking steps to preserve habitat of some species of parrots in the ecosystem.

Cat … Sausage … Crime…

Unprecedented crime occurred on the streets of one city, one fine day. The seriousness of crimes may be why hardly talk. The innocent victim of a supermarket customer who suspected nothing. The loot was great! Packing tasty sausage. The damage is done and the thief is caught  just at the time of the robbery and caught in action by random passers-by with a camera. This is one hungry cat, that was brave enough and skillfully to ensure themselves a good lunch.

Cat Thief1 Cat ... Sausage ... Crime...

Cat Thief2 Cat ... Sausage ... Crime...

Cat Thief3 Cat ... Sausage ... Crime...

Cat Thie4 Cat ... Sausage ... Crime...

Cat Thie5 Cat ... Sausage ... Crime...

Borneo Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

Human greed and stupidity have no limits, the damn money for absolutely everything … Many kinds of animals come to the edge of failure because of money, such as these litlle Orangutan on the island of Borneo  .. They are separated and the kidnap of her own family from the natural habitats and sale them for  easy money .. The poachers caught on crime scene will be sent to prison, and  litlle orangutans are sent to rehabilitation centers on the island .. After a while they put in the wilderness .. Check out these great pictures of unique moments from the game of small orangutan… Watch for them without a smile – it is impossible.))

Positive Day1 Borneo Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

Positive Day2 Borneo Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

 Borneo Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

Positive Day4 Borneo Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

Positive Day5 Borneo Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe Zhemina born 16th July 1986, in San Diego. At birth, she showed no signs of deformity of the neck, and Zheminu transported to the zoo in Santa Barbara, when she was barely a year old. She did not show any signs of deformity to three years, when her spine began to slightly protrude from the neck. Eventually, he made so rapidly that it was impossible not to notice. Before Zheminy similar case was reported in the 1902nd year. The scientists, zoologists and veterinarians were unable to find an explanation for this. Despite its ugliness, Zhemina lived a long life – she was about six years, has experienced an average giraffe. In late 2007 – early 2008’s health Zheminy beginning to deteriorate rapidly due to old age. She was reluctantly subjected to euthanasia, its overseers at the zoo in Santa Barbara on Jan. 9, 2008.

Giraffe1 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe2 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe3 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe4 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe5 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe6 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe7 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe8 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe9 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck

Giraffe10 Zhemina: Giraffe With Curved Neck