Tips to Rescue a Harmed or Abandoned Guinea Pig


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Everyone loves a guinea pig. Also known as cavies, they are a great choice as a pet. They are super cute and contain many great qualities.

Most people do not think twice before bringing it to their home. You will certainly love to spend endless hours with your bundle of joy.

Sadly, you may encounter a situation where guinea pig rescue might be the reasonable answer. For instance, what do you do when you have an injured guinea pig?

This is not an ordinary circumstance. For example, in case it has sustained injuries, tiny wounds are bound to arise.

As best practice to guinea pig rescue, show your kind human nature with rightful measures. You can treat these wounds with an antiseptic ointment. It will play an instrumental role in disinfecting the area. These are easily available with most chemists.

Approach an animal shelter or well reputed rescue center for your unwanted guinea pig

Take assistance of an animal shelter or well reputed rescue center for safety and security of your unwanted guinea pig. Make sure you choose one that enjoys a good reputation and goodwill.

Not all shelters or centers readily accept these pigs. On account of this, do your homework beforehand.

Once you are successful in handling over the guinea pig to them, they provide all necessary care.

Fortunately, you can expect several things from them

It won’t be out of context to say these centers or shelters truly serve as a blessing in disguise.

When you yearn to achieve brilliant success at your guinea pig rescue mission, these centers or shelters provide you with all requisite help. They engage their team of expert professionals in this regard.

This in turn will give you enough peace of mind regarding safety and good health of the rescued guinea pig.

They cover several aspects including:

Measures are taken for total wellness

They are well conversant with apprehensions and worries of people coming to them for some respite. As a part of it, they undertake many praiseworthy steps like:

  • A quick once-over
  • Anal-cleaning
  • Weight assessment
  • Offer advice as needed

Arrangements are undertaken to facilitate proper boarding

These centers and shelters realize the importance of guinea pig rescue. They make sure to arrange adequate boarding facilities for the rescued guinea pig.

Normally, they are located at several places. Depending upon the requirement and suitability, they arrange small boarding for the pig. This permits the animal to derive sufficient room to roam, for instance.


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The guinea pig receives rightful grooming on time

Well, the first thing you wish to ensure for your guinea pig rescue objective is to find guaranteed better health for the piggy creature.

Once you have taken it to such shelters or centers, they will offer assured steps to accomplish this goal.

For instance, they will take several grooming steps like:

  • Ear cleanings
  • Fur trims
  • Back-end baths
  • Nail-trims
  • Anal sack cleaning
  • Fur brushing,

You can get hospice care for your piggy

When you rescue a guinea pig in a difficult situation such as an existing injury, proper medical care becomes need of the hour.

Nevertheless, despite their best efforts, at times things may become too difficult and complex.

The only solution in such an event is to make the reaming days of your guinea pig a little comfortable. By providing the best hospice care, these centers or shelters bring some relief for you.

As they possess top-notch veterinary know-how, they can provide temporary care for the medically compromised guinea pig.

Guinea pigs do not suffer from ailments and diseases because of correct initiatives

Guinea pigs suffer from kinds of ailments and diseases like bladder stones and dental problems. The only way to keep them at a distance is to:

  • Offer proper nutrition
  • Resort to preventative annual medical check-ups.

If you are allergic to a guinea pig, give it away

Rescuing a guinea pig and providing it the best attention and care are two different things. In case you fail to provide the best treatment, it will give rise to further decline in the health of the little animal.

If you are allergic to them, you probably will not be able to touch, play or hold them. It does make sense to give them away for your guinea pig’s safety.

Get familiar with the adoption process

Remember – adopting a Guinea pig from a center or shelter is an altogether experience compared to buying one from a shop.

Most of these cavies come from abusive and neglectful environments. For instance, some might warrant extensive veterinary care even before they are given for adaptation.

When you approach a shelter or center as a potential adopter, you will be put under a rigorous screening process. This will be done to ensure the pig’s new home is well-equipped and suitable for proper care.

Likewise, it will be determined if you are well conversant with appropriate housing and correct diet.

Give appropriate time for the guinea pig to get used to an entirely new home

After you bring the rescued guinea pig in your home, give it some time to settle down. They will take anywhere between 3 days to 3 months to adjust to your surroundings.

Yes, on the face of it, at times this might appear too long. For best outcomes, exercise patience and do not feel too discouraged.

Adopting a rescued guinea pig makes sense for various reasons

There are times when adopting a rescued guinea pig appears more logical. They are mostly hardy and with proper care, they can lead a healthy life.

There are several amazing reasons behind this opinion:

  • They perfectly fit into apartment surroundings

People in modern times stay in an apartment setup. Due to this reason, they are not able to fulfill their wish to have a pet.

The good news is that these pigs are very small. This makes them apartment-friendly. They can adapt to size limits of an apartment.

Of course, before adopting them, make sure your apartment complex allows cavies.

  • They are immensely peaceful and quiet

Unlike other pets, the guinea pigs are very quiet. This is very welcoming news as your neighbors will not complain about noise!

  • They are good-natured and friendly

Some small-sized pets are not very friendly. This is not the case with guinea pigs as they are very personable. They relish every time you pet and hold them. Do not be surprised if you see your little furry ball going into a deep sleeping mode on your lap.

  • They are incredibly docile

They are very docile which is why parents choose them as the best pet for their children. The latter spend many hours playing with them uninterrupted.

They are good learners

Undoubtedly, the guinea pigs are very smart and intelligent. They are regarded as great learners. For instance, they can very quickly learn few tricks such as:

  1. Jumping through hoops
  2. Turning in circles
  3. Enter their respective cage when called·
  • Keep enjoying when they wheek

A guinea pig can bring an instant smile on your face. Yes, they do not make so much noise. Nonetheless, when they do, it is simply adorable bringing loads of cheers and happiness for you.

  • Reap the benefit of a wide collection to choose from

When you decide to have a pet, you have certain expectations and desires. Unless these are fulfilled, you are in no mood to have the pet in your home.

These cavies can accurately meet all your parameters. They are currently found in numerous coat lengths, patterns and colors. You can even find one having curly fur.

  • They are sociable and enjoy company of an individual

Some pocket-sized pets tend to lead their life by living alone. This is not the case with these cavies. Sociable and friendly, they are at their happiest best in company of an individual.

This way you can spend quality time with them and enjoy their cuteness as well!

  • They require the least amount of room

In modern times, people are leading their life in a space-constraint environment. These cavies do not cause any inconvenience to them in terms of space availability.

If at all you need more space for them, you can procure the two-story cages. In a way it gives your pet more space without eating away your space.

Your children will thank you

The guinea pigs in question end up becoming great pets for children. Yes, parents are recommended to supervise the handling can care. Small children are advised not to carry these cavies. The latter contain tiny bones and an accidental fall can be deadly.

More than often, parents end up becoming the primary caretaker. This is why your children will thank you for taking such excellent care of their friend!

  • Co-existing becomes a reality

Households hardly refrain from adopting a guinea pig. All you have to provide is proper care. Co-existing will not be a problem for you.

Make sure not to leave the animal unattended especially if you have any predatory animal like a ferret, cat or dog. Even if you decide to do so, do it after considering the predatory animal’s temperament. This way you can easily avoid any heartbreak.

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