How Fast Can A Guinea Pig Run?


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When a guinea pig is happy and excited, it will often resort to ‘pop-corning’. The usual reason for guinea pigs ‘pop-corning’ is their happiness. This is a very common phenomenon among youthful guinea pigs. This might invariably generate some curiosity in you to know how fast can a guinea pig run.

Fortunately, you are right now reading an article that answers a question like how fast can a guinea pig run. Here, you will get to know many never-heard-before facts. This includes aspects like what prompts them to run, at what speed they run, how much is considered a large run, and more. These details will be especially very helpful for first-time owners who often find this behavior very confusing.

What Is The Speed At Which They Run?

Well, they run at a speed of approximately 6 miles per hour.

Yes, on the face of it, this might not sound very fast. Nevertheless, it is worth noting they run at such a speed despite being so small. Any rodent attaining this feat is in itself a commendable act!

According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the guinea pig named Flash successfully ran 10 meters in a record time of 8.81 seconds. Surprisingly, this record that was created on July 27, 2009, has not been broken yet!

Well, you can train your lovely pet to beat this record once you become aware of how fast can a guinea pig run. Make sure you procure a healthy guinea pig. Focus on the origin of their breed and also its age.

What Is The Accepted Norm For A Large Run?

Pet owners get apprehensive about the health status of the guinea pig if it has completed a large run. Some wrongly perceive it to be detrimental for their health. The truth is – they are capable of withstanding hardships of a large run.

There is nothing to be worried about as long as it comes within the purview of accepted norms. Typically speaking, four hours in a day is the maximum upper limit. Anything beyond this time limit can make the guinea pig exhausted and unwell.

How Long Should Your Guinea Pig Run Every Day?

Guinea pigs are social animals. They love to mingle and run around with other animals. Allow them to play and run for at least an hour every day.

It serves the purpose of an exercise for them. They get stimulated and find it helpful to remain in shape.

Well, everybody is leading a hectic life. Owing to this reason, you might not be in a position to devote an hour each day. However, it is in your best interest you find a way out. Ensure everything takes place under your close supervision. Your dedication and sincerity will keep your friend in good health.

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When Does It Run Very Fast?

Like with any other animal, even a guinea pig has its individual anatomy. Being an anatomy, it can malfunction at a certain point of time. When this happens, it remains unfit and unhealthy. During such occasions, it is not capable of running very fast.

However, when kept in a very voluminous cage or enclosure, it can run very fast. Space is available in abundance which is why it becomes a lot easier to run from

one section to another section of the cage.

Why Does It Run Away So Fast During Initial Days Of Taming?

You might have brought a new guinea pig to make it into a perfect pet. However, when you try to pick it up, it can be seen fleeing fast.

In case you are wondering how fast can a guinea pig run and why it is fleeing, there is a reason behind this.

When it is new to your house, everything and everyone around it is new for them. As far as non-living things are concerned, they do not react.

However, the moment it comes in direct contact with you, it presumes you to be a predator. Running away very fast from you comes naturally to it. The rule of the game in this situation is pretty simple – the faster they run, the safer it feels.

If It Runs In Circles, This Could Mean Many Things

If you ever see your guinea pig running in circles, this is great news for you! It signifies the pet’s happy status of mind.

This behavior is often witnessed in a baby guinea pig rather than an adult.

The former loves to do so as a medium for exercising. Whereas adult fail to do it as they become obese and fat with passing time.

Nevertheless, running in circles contains many meanings. This will include things like:

  • Request for food: They will keep on running on your lap in circles when they want their favorite food like tomatoes, cucumber, and more.
  • Dominance behavior: When in wild, they fight with others to portray their dominance. The same is followed here except the fact that it is done inside the cage.
  • Attention hungry: By running in circles, they try their best to get the attention of their owner.

Fast Running Could Also Mean It Is Scared

It is not necessary always that thee guinea pig is content. At times, it could also mean they are simply scared. Such a situation normally arises when, being scared, it starts running around in several irregular patterns.

It is distinguished by its numerous piercing squeaking sounds. Many times, this nervous behavior erupts from reasons like:

  • Jarring sounds coming from outside.
  • Existence of abrupt motions.
  • Unfamiliar environment.

Of course there is an exception. Sometimes, they do behave in this manner when they encounter noisy thunderstorms, for instance.

Running Inside The Cage Could Be A Trait Of A Fitness Buff

No matter how expensive or superior a cage you might have given to your favorite guinea pig, it will not suffice one of their basic requirements.

When they spend their life in the wild, they run everywhere without any restriction. It amounts to a exercise for him. This in turn helps them to remain healthy.

However, when it leads to life confined within a cage, for example, these movements get restricted. This prompts them to run several times inside the cage or enclosure.

Ina sense, such a measure gives it the much-needed exercise it yearns for! Yes, there is no doubt they cannot indulge with movements they are used to doing in the wild.

Nevertheless, a roomy enclosure in this situation permits them to resort to numerous sprints. This way, it tries its best to release an extra bit of energy inside the body.

Allowing Them To Run Inside Your House Is Permitted

Spending all day inside the cage can be too tormenting for these little bundles of joy. Give them ample scope so that they can run inside your house. Ensure the space in question is free so that their safety is not compromised.

Ideally, you ought to choose a space within your house that is spacious enough to accommodate fast running. Or else, there is no point in taking all the pain!

Do They Need A Run At All?

Your guinea pig is your best friend. The onus lies on you to keep it healthy and offer appropriate care.

By giving it an opportunity to run to its heart’s contentment, you are doing him a great favor. It serves them brilliantly as it makes these small creatures happy and healthy.

Offer It A Feasible Run Solution

Choosing a guinea pig hutch is a wonderful running solution. It can very easily accommodate 2-3 guinea pigs.

Insulated and clean, they can be used all year round. Opt for the predator resistant enclosure for necessary safety of these small creatures.

It is ideal for individuals who do not favor regular interaction with other family members, especially children.

This serves brilliantly as a great outdoor exercise run solution. Additionally, when they run in an outdoor setting, it will give them a very natural feeling of life in the wild.

The Need To Survive Prompts Them To Run Faster

Guinea pigs are prey animals. Their miniature build aids them to run fast. You must have experienced this when it escaped from the enclosure or cage inadvertently. Chasing and getting hold of it is a struggle in itself.

The legs are very tiny in comparison to their entire body. They do enjoy a positive allometry. This offers them great help in their fight to survive against their predators. They essentially rely on running away rather than fight back their predators head-on!

Wrapping Up!

By having the guinea pets you have made the best decision as far as a social animal is concerned. You can have loads of fun activities with them such as Obstacle Course, Treat Hunt, Chase, and more. Doing all these activities they are apparently going to run and run fast! Having prior knowledge about how fast can a guinea pig run can come handy. After all, you will be able to make informed decisions.

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