How to Care for a Long Haired Guinea Pig


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Long haired guinea pig breeds are an instant hit with pet lovers. The Peruvian guinea pigs are liked by them because of their long and silky hair. These hairs grow to almost 12 to 14 inches giving a spectacular look to them.

Intelligent and affectionate, they need very little space adding to the delight of the pet owners!

Yes, it is true the lavish, luxurious, and lush coat makes them fascinating. It is equally true you are required to take care of them appropriately. After all, the supremely furred animal can not take care of their luscious locks on their own!

You can maintain the gorgeous mane by brushing and styling it. For some, this is nothing less than a fun activity which is why they prefer to opt for the long-haired breed of guinea pigs.

Deliver your responsibility with adequate maintenance

The long-haired breed is ideal for individuals willing to shoulder their responsibility of proper maintenance.

No, it is not a Herculean task. You will not require missing out on your professional or personal commitments to accomplish this job.

All you ought to do is to adhere to attentive bathing and grooming routines. In a sense, this will also contribute to their excellent health and hygiene.

When you can get this done, you can easily make them the perfect medium for showing and breeding.

How do take care of them?

These guinea pigs love to remain clean. You can provide adequate cleanliness in two simple ways:

  • Spot-clean them with the help of a damp washcloth using an unmedicated, mild soap.
  • Unscented baby wipes.
  • Brush their hair regularly. Take the help of a soft brush instead of something very hard.
  • Brush your long-haired guinea pigs at least a few times per week. Do so to derive twin benefits:
  • It aids in preventing tangles
  • This leads to a decrease in hair ingestion

How can you offer assured good health in small steps?

If you are the proud owner of long haired guinea pig, you will want it to remain in its best health. You do not have to take gigantic measures in this regard. Instead, small steps can bring fruitful outcomes. It will include steps such as :

  • · Rub a little quantity of aloe-based, nontoxic lotion on its skin. It helps to keep the skin soft.
  • Clip their nails at least once a month.
  • Make sure your furry friend’s teeth are white instead of being yellow. In case you witness any discoloration, get in touch with a veterinarian.
  • You will require to consult a veterinarian immediately if:
  1. They are salivating excessively.
  2. Dropping food while eating
  3. The nails or teeth appear too long.

Which breed does your guinea pig belong to?

Well, knowing in advance which breeds your long haired guinea pig

belongs to will enable you to take rightful steps. It will ensure they are receiving the correct care and attention.

There are 9 types of long-haired guinea pigs breeds, namely:

  1. Lunkarya
  2. Sheba
  3. Peruvian
  4. Texel
  5. Silkie (Sheltie)
  6. Coronet
  7. Merino
  8. Alpaca
  9. Abyssinian*

Out of all these, the Abyssinians deserve a special mention. They have certain features which are absent in other breeds:

  • They do not have very long hair like other breeds
  • They have dense and thick fur that forms in rosettes
  • The growth is something around 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) long
  • They have a little unruly fur needing extra grooming and care.

Following rightful grooming to keep the locks under control

One of the most essential parts of the correct long haired guinea pig

care is keeping their locks within control.

Undeniably, they regularly groom themselves. They secret a liquid via their eyes. The same is brushed through the fur by making use of their paws. Most of the time, they employ their hind legs for this purpose.

Nevertheless, despite their efforts, they require extra grooming assistance from your end. This aids them to remain in perfect condition.


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Why is combing hair regularly so important?

These guinea pigs belong to several breeds. Each type is different from the other. Nevertheless, no matter which breed it belongs to, One thing is common in them. They do shed their hair every year!

You will need to groom the hair daily. This will ensure the hair remains in optimal condition.

Of course, during the fall and spring, they encounter hair loss. This happens because their coat gets renewed.

Avoid missing out on the job to comb regularly. This way you can prevent the hair from getting tangled and matted. If not done on a timely basis, this can cause a lot of interference during feeding and movement.

Why are grooming and cleaning is an integral part of their well-being?

On the face of it, when you clean and groom your piggy pal, it gives a fantastic appearance to it.

If you delve deeper you will come to realize, permitting the mane to flow free will result in extremely matted, unkempt, and dirty hair.

This in turn will bring disastrous health consequences of:

  • Lice: the presence of long hair is the ideal reason for the tiny and unwanted parasites to thrive. Dense and length strands allow the lice to lay and attach their eggs. This might lead to lice infestations causing discomfort and distress to your lovely guinea pig. Nasty secondary skin infections are pretty common instances. If it remains unchecked, this can produce fatal consequences.
  • Skin Infections – it is advisable you never leave the hair to grow very long. If that happens, there are chances the same hair is likely to get soiled especially near their bottom. When it pees and poops on the hair, the hair will get wet and dirty. Subsequently, as the wet fur gets into close contact with the skin, it can cause soreness and irritation leading to skin infections of various kinds.
  • Mites – ear mites most prey, such piggy pals, as the latter is well known for producing more ear wax. When left uncleaned for a prolonged time, this will give rise to wax build-up. This might prompt more mites to choose it as the next home.
  • Fly Strike – you can find flies in abundance especially during warmer months like summer and spring. Soiled, wet, or matted fur is the best place for the flies to lay their eggs. Very soon these eggs take the shape of maggots eating their flesh conveniently. The best way to keep these flies at a safe distance is to maintain satisfactory hygiene standards.

Take the assistance of rightful equipment and accessories for hair maintenance

Unlike human hairs, you will need proper equipment and accessories to maintain the hair long haired guinea pig

. This will ensure your favorite guinea pig’s hair looks the best!

  • Comb and brush

Go for a pin brush or a wide-toothed comb. They work brilliantly to handle the tangles. Even a whistle brush will do wonders to remove loose hair conveniently. Similarly, you will be able to lift out debris and dirt as well.

  • A bristle brush

Distribute the hair’s natural air without a major fuss. You can employ a bristle brush for this purpose. It will enable you to get a soft as well as shiny coat.

  • A pair of small and sharp scissors

The small and sharp scissors will aid you to get rid of the knots. It is equally beneficial to trim fringes and bangs.

Make a proper beginning with an all-in-one kit

Grooming is more of an adventure for many. They take great interest to accomplish this job with perfection. You will find several inexpensive and convenient alternatives.

For instance, choose an all-in-one kit. They are mostly inexpensive and are all-inclusive kits. Typically speaking, such a kit will contain items like:

  • Nail clippers
  • A pin brush
  • A bristle brush, and
  • At times even a tasty treat!

These kits are meant for beginners. Once you have gained sufficient exposure and experience, you can upgrade yourself.

You will find many wonderful options like a kit containing:

  • A tiny pair of sharp scissors
  • A soft brush
  • A pin brush
  • A wide-tooth comb

There are innumerable guinea pig hairstyles to choose from

As a proud owner of your guinea pig, you must be wanting to have a great hairstyle for it. Fortunately, there are innumerable options available.

  • For a windswept look

This is perhaps the most straightforward alternative available. All you require to do is to layer the hairs from top to bottom. Be least assured, it will give a windswept look to your piggy friend!

  • Aim for an iconic feathered hairdo

How about aiming for an iconic feathered hairdo? Yes, this is very much possible. Allow your guinea pig to rock the world and be addressed as Farrah Fawcett!

  • Go for a practical style

If something very practical is playing on your mind you can go for a mullet cut without any second thoughts. This style is fascinating as there is a short ring of hair that circles the head. This appears amazing since it is much longer and the hair trails off the body.

  • Give your bestie a look of a majestic lion

Do you want to be reminded of the fierce and might lion when you see your bestie? Give your bestie the look of a majestic lion!

The process to achieve this dream is not tedious at all. Follow these simple and easy steps:

1. leave a long mane simply downwards

2. This ought to be done preferably through the neck area.

3. Trim the remaining closer to the body.

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