How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Guinea Pig


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People hardly think twice before having a guinea pig as their pet. Even though it has a small bladder, it is pretty straightforward to potty-train them. Apart from this, they exhibit good temperaments. Best known for being wonderful social creatures, people show an enhanced interest in having them as their companions at their homes.

Naturally, you too might get tempted to have one. However, maybe you are stuck with the question – how to convince your parents to get a guinea pig?

If that is the case, you are very fortunate to have come across this article.

We will provide you with valuable information that will make convincing your parents a matter of breeze for you!

You will get to know finer details about convincing your parents with brilliant research work, counter their argument it can bite, and more once you have gone through the article completely.

Convince Your Parents With Brilliant Research Work

Well, your parents have seen more of this world than you! Everything that you suggest will be taken with a pinch of salt!

However, there is no bad intention behind this. All they want is – your suggestion is worth taking seriously.

If you are thinking about how to convince your parents to get a guinea pig, you can easily attain this objective with some quick thinking and a little effort. For instance, you can substantiate your point of view by corroborating with brilliant research work.

For example, if they are going to oppose its arrival in your home on the grounds that guinea pigs smell a lot, you can outwit them with facts. Tell them gently, if such creatures are provided with regular baths and cleaned at regular intervals, there will be no question of them smelling.

Counter Their Argument That It Can Bite

As a parent, they are bound to get apprehensive about the presence of a guinea pig in the home. After all, they are compelled to ensure your life does not get endangered in any way.

On account of this, they may pose their worries and apprehensions stating it can bite you too!

Fortunately, you can counter this question with the fact that they rarely bite. Even if they do so, there are some obvious reasons behind this. This simply means, if those reasons are dealt with accordingly, they won’t do it in the first place!

All they will do is ‘mouth’ you when you hold them. They do this out of curiosity to inquire whether you are an ‘edible’ item or not! Even if it does so, you are never going to get hurt with it.

Convince your parents to get a guinea pig by letting them know these creatures make use of their teeth aggressively only when there is any threat to their life. In a way, it is their way of defending themselves from imminent dangers.

You Can Win Over Your Parents With Your Hard Work And Dedication!

Remember – “Success is SWEET. The secret is SWEAT”. If you wish to taste success in your attempt to how to convince your parents to get a guinea pig, you will need to sweat it out, literally!

Resort to a sustained research effort so that you can collect all relevant information. Go through these details and try to memorize them. There is a reason behind this suggestion.

Well, they are your parents. They will tend to pose several questions like most parents do. Instead of screaming at them or being stubborn, debate with them on factual grounds.

Getting prepared adequately with vital details will convince your parents that you have sufficient know-how about these guinea pigs.

You can take two steps in this regard and it includes:

1. Taking notes.

2. Get all these notes in a journal.

You will have to convince them with logic and suitable justification. When they ask you different questions, make use of these two things as your reference and answer them convincingly.

Show Your Seriousness By Offering To Pay Within Your Limits

In your lifetime, you must have saved some amount of money from different sources like your pocket money, monetary gifts as birthday gifts, and so on.

Show how serious you are about having the guinea pigs by suggesting to them you are ready to put all your savings to procure your favorite guinea pig. It will make your purpose of how to convince your parents to get a guinea pig simpler and easier.

In case the money is not adequate, let them know you are ready to walk the extra mile by taking a job! The nature of the job will again depend on your age. The most popular options in this regard are:

  • Babysitting.
  • Doing chores.
  • Working at retail outlets.

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Educate Them About Benefits That Will Come In The Process

Parents are always more than willing to adopt an alternative if it offers great benefits. Conversely, they are averse to any option, no matter how big or small it is in one particular situation. This is the moment they realize it carries an element of risks such as health risk, and so on.

If you notice any indication of their non-cooperation, convince them how it is going to benefit in two ways:

1. It will give positive vibes and will emotionally benefit you.

2. Unlike scores of other pets, buying them is not an expensive proposition. For instance, they warrant less veterinary expenses and are very easy to feed.

Please Do Not Scream Or Talk In An Agitated Tone

They are your parents and do deserve appropriate respect and humility from your end. Make sure you are very polite while conversing with them to make sure how to convince your parents to get a guinea pig ends on a good note.

Similarly, even if they do not agree with you with a big ‘no’, avoid screaming and being arrogant. Instead, try to reason with them. Let them know your side of the story properly. Do not arrive at abrupt and irrational conclusions. Convince them with your knowledge and logic.

If Money Is A Constraint For Them, Opt For Private Rescues Or Shelters

These are difficult times for everyone. Parents are no exception to this. They might be encountering difficulties in managing finances. Lessen their financial stress and do not aggravate it.

Suggest to them your willingness to have your darling guinea pigs from private rescues and shelters. These kinds of adoptions are increasing these days. Most parents readily agree to such generous initiatives. They will support you in your endeavor to save animals.

Give Enough Time And Don’t Be Too Pushy

When you decide to volunteer at a shelter, for instance, you get to learn a lot.

Keep working for some time so that you become acquainted with different aspects of guinea pigs.

As you keep working with the shelter, keep reminding your parents of your desire to own a guinea pig. Give proper updates about what you learned at the shelter frequently. It will convince them you are learning better things.

Give some time to the entire suggestion made to them. “Every new idea takes some time to go into the human brain”. Don’t be too pushy or else, instead of agreeing to your suggestion in the long run, they might give up the idea altogether!

Show Them You Are Capable Of Handling Responsibilities

Only having a pet is not the end of the journey. Instead, it is the beginning of the journey. The journey in itself is filled with a lot of responsibility.

For example, you will have to take care of the poo. Likewise, you might be asked to wipe the floor whenever your guinea pig pees on it. Yes, these are no “Herculean” tasks. However, it needs the willingness to complete it without having any major inhibition.

Only spelling out your resolve to carry on responsibilities will do no good. On the contrary, do it and show it for real! For instance, tell them you can babysit the little sister at home and do it to prove you are capable of handling the job.

In case your parents discover you can swiftly handle this responsibility without any pestering or reminder, it will augur well for you! They will be sure that if you can handle your sister, you can handle a pet as well.

Vet Visits And Know-How Of Buying Supplies Can Do Wonders For Your!

Accompany your parents during vet visits and buying the supplies if you already have a pet at your home. Make a list of supplies which ought to include things like:

  • Training supplies.
  • Food.
  • Grooming supplies, and more.

Present this list to your parents so that they realize you possess a perfect hold about pet care.

In addition, you can even start saving money in a container to procure them. Your initiative is going to be lauded by them. They will undoubtedly decide to get you a guinea pig without any second thoughts!

Wrapping Up

You are willing to have a guinea pig at your home. This is a wonderful and noble thought. It is your point of view. Similarly, your parents too will have their point of view. Hurrying up things can jeopardize the entire thing. Having patience and giving your parents sufficient time to agree to your wish does hold merit. Once this happens, it is a matter of time before you can have your lovely guinea pig sitting quietly by your side at your home!

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