How To Get Ferret Pet Insurance


What is a Ferret?

A ferret is a type of European Polecat that you can keep as pets. They grow to about 16 inches, weigh no more than three or four pounds, and live up to 11 years. Ferrets tend to sleep during the day and are mostly awake at night.

If you want to pet a ferret, you must know the different health problems they can have. The most common diseases that can affect your ferret include adrenal gland disease, aplastic anemia, and various dental issues and digestive disorders.

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Why Get an Insurance for your Pet Ferret?

Your pet ferret can suffer from various ailments is one of the foremost reasons you should be getting a comprehensive insurance plan.

One of the other primary reasons you should get ferret pet insurance is that the expenses to treat such diseases and those for routine check-ups tend to be high. And most ferret pet insurance plans are comprehensive enough to cover for them.

Some policies even cover the theft of your pet ferret, or in some cases. They help find the animal when it runs away. Others may even cover for the death of your pet ferret by paying out a lump sum amount of money.

So, these reasons are enough to get your pet ferret covered by a comprehensive protection plan.

What does Ferret Pet Insurance Cover?

Before you know those things that ferret pet insurance plans cover, you should know what they don’t cover. When you buy a pet insurance plan for your ferret, most companies check for different aspects, such as the age of the animal, pre-existing medical conditions, and whether it is an indoor pet, among other things.

Very few ferret pet insurance plans cover pre-existing medical conditions and routine examinations or consultations. However, they do cover various other illnesses such as cancer and other chronic or hereditary diseases.

So, when you buy insurance coverage for your pet ferret, make sure to read through the documents to know what you get. After all, you don’t want to shell out for a plan that doesn’t cover an expensive treatment procedure.

You may also want to know several ferret pet insurance policies have a family plan covering all the major procedures at nominal costs. And some of these plans don’t even have limitations. In that, there are no exclusions, not even for pre-existing illnesses.

There are various pet insurance plans that you can get for your ferret. And many of these start from six months and go up to five years of coverage. So, you can rest assured that you will get adequate coverage for your pet ferret at low costs.

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Here are some of the best insurance plans that you can get for your pet ferret.

What are the Best Ferret Pet Insurance Plans?

Ferrets are exotic pets and tend to be expensive. But many people still keep them. If you want to keep a pet ferret, you should ensure that you care for it. And caring for it means providing adequate healthcare facilities. Most people go for comprehensive health protection plans for their pet ferrets since the medical expenses can be huge.

If you are one of such people who has a ferret for a pet and is looking to buy a comprehensive insurance plan, you can look at these viable options.

1. Nationwide Pet Insurance Plan

Nationwide’s pet insurance policies are one of the most comprehensive plans that you can get for your ferret. The company also has a wide range of plans for various other pets such as cats and dogs. Besides this, it offers insurance for exotic pets at competitive rates.

Nationwide offers three such insurance plans that you can buy for your pet ferret, each having a different level of coverage.

Among them, the most comprehensive insurance policies cover the expenses to treat all kinds of injuries and illnesses that your pet may suffer. Apart from this, they also provide coverage for various other treatment expenses, including those for diagnosis, examination, hospitalization, and routine wellness check-ups.

However, the plans don’t have any tax exemptions or don’t provide grooming and breeding coverage.

You also have the whole pet with a wellness plan. Under this plan, you will be eligible to claim reimbursements of up to 90% on the veterinary treatment costs.

2. Pet Assure Insurance Plan

Pet Assure offers massive discounts on several of its plans. So, those looking for pet insurance for their ferret, but are on a budget, can look at them. Under the Pet Assure discount plan, you will get a membership card to get up to a 25 % discount on a host of in-house medical services for your pet ferret.

You can also use those benefits to treat any pre-existing medical conditions. If you already have an insurance plan from Pet Assure, you can still get the plan’s discounts.

The only thing not included in the Pet Assure discount plan is grooming and boarding. You won’t be able to claim any other healthcare services that you outsource to a provider not covered under any of the Pet Assure plans.

3. Wells Fargo Healthy Advantage Plan

The Healthy Advantage Plan from Wells Fargo covers any pet animal, including ferrets. It provides comprehensive coverage, even for pre-existing medical and hereditary conditions.

Furthermore, those who have already bought a ferret pet insurance policy can also get the Healthy Advantage Plan’s services by Wells Fargo. The plan also covers any additional expenses that you may incur, including deductibles.

Final Thoughts

So, while there are several other pet insurance policies that you can get for your ferret, these are said to be the most comprehensive plans. The pet ferret insurance policies discussed above cover the cost of treatment for a host of ailments, including cancer. But above all, you get them at nominal rates. You can rest assured that your pet ferret is safe from various diseases while also not incurring huge expenses.

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