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Ferrets are compulsory carnivores, meaning they have to eat meat. They live for about five to ten years.

Fresh meat, which includes all prey, is the safest choice. Ferrets will also consume cat food since it has a high amount of protein and high protein baby foods. They can also take a high amount of meat protein as processed ferret nutrition. A ferret can even eat eggs as an occasional indulgence. The diet of a ferret should be 32-38% proteins and 15-20% fats.

The following raw meat can be fed to ferrets:

  • Wings of poultry and stripped bird corpses
  • The necks of turkeys
  • Birds hunted as game
  • Pigeons
  • Minced Rabbit
  • Lamb
  • Heart of lambs
  • Calcium filled raw animal skeletons to sanitize the teeth
  • Chicken

Ferrets can be fed whole prey too:

  • Mouse
  • Rodents
  • Small Chicken

While you might not like the thought of providing your ferret with fresh food, it recreates its normal diet to satisfy its food requirements. Make sure you procure high-quality meats from trustworthy stores and buy a few rodents. Be not tempted to try to trap some rodents yourself since they may contain viruses. Also, you must be conscious that your ferret will even want to conceal food for later. That can be harmful since raw meat can rot and cause food contamination.

Which dried food should you feed your ferret?

Ferret feed can be bought from Burgess, Chudleys, Optima and James Wellbeloved. Make sure the food provides more meat-based protein than any other item. You must skip it if it is rich in carbohydrates and fibers.

The food ferrets can’t consume are:

As the major component of their diet, ferrets do not consume berries or vegetables. These shouldn’t be used as a key part of their diet as they are fibre-based items containing complex carbohydrates. Vegetables will also contain nutrients that your ferret cannot ingest. If it consumes too much it may lead to sicknesses such as skin ulceration, bladder stones, gastroenteritis, lower capacity of reproduction and poor growth of her kits. Like in the natural environment, the nutrition of your ferret must mainly be meat and fat. She obtains her energy from those items.

What feeds newborn ferrets?

Fresh beef, goats or water, and low gluten milk can be mixed for your baby ferret. You may use the following schedule to supply your baby ferret roughly 4 times each day:

New chucks of meat and water at Breakfast

Fresh Meat for Lunch

Fresh Meat for Lunch

Bone Meat supplemented by milk from goats or low gluten milk at Supper

How many times should you feed an adult ferret?

How much the pet would be fed varies – just don’t overload her with food, or she won’t consume anything. Then she will use that for later harvesting. That will lead to apparent implications if it is a meat product. It may rot away before it is consumed. Try to make her enjoy some ferret kibble if she is starving as you work through the day. If you are at home, switch between that and fresh meat. You ought to make sure your ferret receives lots of exercise for all this nutrition, to keep her from getting obese.

Can you offer tap water to your ferret?

Yes, tap water is all right for the ferret. To stop dehydration, it’s essential to supply your ferret with plenty of fresh water each day. Ferrets, especially if they consume dry ferret meat or if it’s hot, may get dehydrated.

Can you feed your ferret with eggs?

Yes, as a reward, you should serve your ferret with raw or fried eggs. Restrict them to one or two times a week because constipation could be triggered by this.

Will a ferret take food that is usually consumed by a cat or a kitten?

Yeah, since it has a high meat nutritional value, the ferret will consume cat food. It does not contain the very same protein expression, so the ferret does not gain as well.

What delicacies could you feed your ferrets?

Talking of treats, they are enjoyed by ferrets! Fried eggs, cat food, pieces of ham, lamb or turkey are good rewards for ferrets. In the meantime, you must stop offering any fruits, grains, chocolate or ice-cream to the ferret. It is better to keep to foods made especially for ferrets and treats intended towards cats, but not dog food.

You should offer meat and eggs to the ferret (once or twice a week). Food for babies that has a high meat content may also be served. All snacks should be rich in protein from meat. Healthy, complex milk products or carbohydrates can be dangerous.

Treats must also be in limited doses, owing to her small digestive tract, to prevent loading her up too much. If you wish to provide specially made ferret treats to your pet, ensure that complex carbohydrates are not there. Unfortunately, certain items do contain them, which can be dangerous to ferrets.

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Can ferrets be fed nuts?

No, ferrets do not eat nuts. They include refined carbs that can trigger ferrets to become sick.

Can ferrets be fed rabbits?

Yeah, it’s possible that if you give a rabbit to your ferret, it’ll consume it. Keep them away from each other if you have a pet rabbit. Ferrets are target predators and can track down domesticated and wild animals that were usually hunted in the wild by their ancestors.


Ferrets are such sweet pets, and feeding them something that they appear to love can be so enticing. Their tiny bodies, though, may not take it well. Do not be inclined to give in, as with dogs and cookies, because the ferret stares at you adorably. You must want to keep her safe and active. With the correct sort of nutrition, care, love and affection a wonderful and healthy life can be enjoyed by your ferret.

Like any other pet, a ferret is demanding and requires a lot of care and attention. Keep that in mind as you adopt one.

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