Six Toys Your Ferret Will Love To Play With


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Ferrets are fun-loving pets and are extremely active. They need to play and exercise every day. These playful animals are highly intelligent and stimulation toys keep them happy and healthy. Their antics are highly entertaining and fun to watch. As an owner, you must provide them with the best ferret toys.

Providing ferrets with suitable toys is an important part of ferret care. Before investing in ferret toys, there are some important points to consider. Every toy that looks good may not be suitable for a ferret. Prior to buying ferret toys, you must keep certain things in mind to keep your ferret safe. Your pet ferret will play with almost anything but specially designed thoughtful toys will keep the critter safe and contented.

The best ferret toys are

  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Do not have small parts
  • Made of hardy material
  • Easy to wash
  • Don’t pose a safety hazard
  • Colorful and stimulating
  • One that bounces
  • Is chewable
  • Something good to hide in and take a nap

Here is a list of six ferret toys your pet will enjoy the most.

A Ball Pit

Ball pits are one of the most popular fetter toys. It is the most ideal way to keep a ferret engaged and active and tops the list of toys that will make your pet happy. These pits are designed to suit a ferret’s playful nature and their fondness for climbing and hiding. You can always add extra balls into the pit to make your pet happier. Some ball pits come with hook-and-loop fasteners that help in attaching them to furniture, playpens of ferret cages. It gives the ball pit stability and prevents tipping. These play pits are mostly made of durable synthetic fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. There are plenty of ball pits for ferrets available online.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can always create a playground for your ferret with a homemade ball pit. All you need to do is purchase a ball pit for kids and fill it with colorful balls. Your pet ferrets will have loads of fun bouncing and wriggling through the balls.

Ferrets also love to play with fleece and other softballs. Choose something light that is easy for them to carry and roll. Avoid balls with noisemakers as they have small parts inside that could pose choking hazards. Large balls with holes are also a favorite with ferrets as they can climb up and down, in and out, and have fun with them.

In-Cage Toys

A ferret can become extremely unhappy if not provided with something to play with. These animals love to frolic and fun things they can explore, chew, and enjoy with. Your ferret cannot be roaming free all the time and has to spend a lot of time inside the cage. So, have you thought about how to keep your pet entertained inside the cage? Inside a cage toys are the answer to keep your pet happy within the confined space. These smart animals don’t like chilling around as you do. They love to be active most of the time. Attaching plush toys with adjustable cords or stretchable bungee cords is a fantastic way to keep ferrets engaged.

When ferrets pull on toys and they bounce and go round-and-round it amuses the animal. It adds fun to their playtime and they want to explore more. Make sure to give them something durable, cuddly, and soft, which they would love to cuddle and chase. Use a durable cord that your pet cannot chew through. When ferrets pull the toys attached to bouncy elastic cords and let them go, the toys bounce around. The movement encourages the ferrets to chase them and keep them entertained for a long time.

No matter what you hang from your pet’s cage, be vigilant. Toys with ropes are best to use under supervision as they may pose a strangulation hazard.

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Tunnel Toys

Tunnel toys are adored by pet ferrets. Tunnels are like a maze to the animals and satisfy their natural instincts. Most fetter tunnel toys are expandable, collapsible, tubes where they love to run in and out of. Tunnels open on both sides allow your ferret to go in and out easily. Place two or more transparent tunnels in close proximity so that the ferret can enter and exit quickly keeping itself busy and active.

Ferrets have been kept as pets for a long time but they still have their innate instinct to chase and hunt rabbits in their burrows and tunnels. It is believed, this natural habit of theirs is satisfied when they play with tunnel toys. To keep your ferret entertained you can buy plastic or fabric tunnel toys online or make one at home.

Most of the store-bought versions of these ferret toys are made of transparent flexible vinyl that stretches to 15- 20 feet. The clear vinyl material allows supervision and you can enjoy their mischievous movements to the fullest. When playing on the tunnel keep a careful watch to ensure your pet does not chew and swallow the vinyl. Tunnel toys are considered one of the most delightful toys for ferrets. They act as hideouts, play things, and wonderful activities for the critters. Don’t worry if you do not have time to make one for your pets.

Super Thru-Way from Marshall pet products or a Fun Tunnel for small pets from Niteangel can be just what your ferret needs.

Chew Toys

Ferrets are carnivorous predators and love to chew and gnaw. That makes chew ferret toys one of the favorite playthings for these animals. However, investing in any chew toy is not a wise thing to do as all toys are not the same. The best ferret chew toys are those made of pet-friendly material without any glue, metal, or plastic.

Ferrets love to gnaw on something that’s chewable and soft. That makes rubber the best material for the toys but that’s not safe for your pet. Rubber and latex toys, nipples, or even rubber coasters attached to furniture legs can be dangerous things to have around your ferret. When they chew on rubber, small pieces they ingest can cause an obstruction in the intestine and even require surgery.

Many pet toy companies have designed rubber toys that are chewable but do not crumble against the sharp bite of ferrets. You can find safe ferret chew toys by Marshall, Kong and other pet toy companies. These may be costlier but nothing is more important than your ferret’s health. Niteangel offers ferret toys that are made with natural materials like sea-grass, rattan, and hyacinth.

Chew toys like rattles, hard plastic toys, and teething rings for human babies can also be safe toys for ferrets.

Treat Balls

Yes, your ferret loves treats just like all other pets. A treat ball doubles up as an exercise accessory as well as a feeder. These are hollow balls with an opening that can roll and dispense treats when your ferret plays with them. It is a great way to overcome boredom and keep the animal mentally stimulated and active. Treat balls from Wheeky are colorful and made from pet-friendly material. They are also suitable for other small pets like guinea pigs and hamsters.

Being interactive and highly social, your ferret loves spending time with you and other ferrets. Filling up a treat ball and playing with your pet will be a wonderful bonding time for you both. It is important to keep a close eye on ferrets when they are out of their cage to make sure they eat their treats and nothing else.

Mentally Stimulating Toys

Ferrets are intelligent animals and need mentally challenging tasks to remain sharp. Problem-solving ferret toys can be most stimulating for your pets. Logical toys like Trixie Treat Snack Board is an excellent way to motivate them to find the hidden food. This board has bowl-like depressions that can be covered with lids. You can place food covered with the lids and your ferret has to find it. This can make a ferret-parent and the pet both amused for hours. It’s fun to watch the critter work for its food and your pet stays busy for a while. Teach and Treat from Living World is another interesting logic stimulating toy that provides three different difficulty levels. This rewarding toy keeps the critter thinking and mentally agile.

If you want to make a DIY toy that will help your ferret think, use cardboard boxes to make a maze and hide treats for your fuzzy friend.

Maintenance of ferret toys

Only buying toys from your pet ferret does not end your responsibility. All toys get old and worn out. It is important to regularly inspect all toys for broken parts, weakened materials, loose material, etc. Remember, your pet’s safety is in your hands.

Fun homemade toys for ferrets

If you have the time and interest, you can make wonderful fun toys for ferrets with old shirts, pillow covers, cardboard boxes, and other things lying around in the house. Mazes, tunnels, hammocks, treat boxes, digging box, cardboard rattle can be something that is easy to make. Look around for inspiration online and you will find plenty of ideas you can try.

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