How Long Can You Leave a Hamster Alone?


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For many, having a hamster ends up becoming the greatest moment of their life! It gives them a rare opportunity to indulge in fun activities like running in the grass, playing with a running wheel or a hamster ball, and many more.

Nevertheless, the safety and security of their favorite creature are of paramount importance to them. Not many can afford to leave them unattended. Even if they have to do so, they do make appropriate arrangements for water and food, for instance.

However, the million-dollar question is – how long can you leave a hamster alone? If this question is bothering you, thank your lady luck for reading this article!

We have brought a few interesting and amazing facts for you. In addition, it also answers several questions that might be giving you some anxious moments. Find satisfactory answers to numerous questions like what is the accepted time limit to leave them alone? Can I leave him alone if I go on a vacation? You will also get to learn things like leaving it alone for an entire week is not recommended, and more.

What Is The Accepted Time Limit To Leave Them Alone?

Irrespective of the arrangements and facilities you have in place, avoid leaving it alone for more than 48 hours.

This is partly because a lot of mishaps and untoward incidents might take place beyond this time. For instance, if the hamster finds difficulty in finding food or water, chances are it might even start knocking the water bottles. When this happens, they fail to get the water for their survival.

Without access to food and water, it is anybody’s guess to determine in what pathetic conditions it might have to spend its time. God forbid, they may even experience life-threatening consequences due to dehydration, for example.

Normally, hamsters love storing their food in different parts of the cage or enclosure. As a practice, they do not eat away all food at one go. Instead, they ration it and consume it depending upon their needs.

The hamster will spend the entire period of seven days all alone. Understandably, it has to manage everything, right from taking its food to attending nature’s call will not take place under anyone’s supervision.

If they have already been tamed to tackle the problem, it is absolutely fine. However, if you are a first-timer, the entire exercise is going to be very strenuous for your pet.

On account of this, try your best if you can keep some alternative arrangement in place. For instance, ask your friend to check if everything is fine with your hamster. If possible, the check ought to be performed at least once during the entire day. This measure will enable you to detect at the earliest in case there is anything worse.

To be on the safer side, take two bottles and place them securely in two different sections of the enclosure or cage.

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Address Areas Of Concern Before You Leave It Alone

Yes, there is no denying you are going to miss your adorable hamster when you leave it alone for a few days.

However, you ought to address a few areas of concern about how long can you leave a hamster alone before you leave it all alone. For example, it will include addressing the problem of soiled bedding.

Till the time you are available in its immediate vicinity, there is nothing to worry about. In your absence, the hamster in question might soil the bedding. With no one there at the home, cleaning does not take place. This in turn invites a lot of flies. As time progresses, the living conditions become further worse. Unpleasant cages or enclosures invite more flies!

Coming to why there is an increasing number of flies, the reasons could be due to:

  • Urine the little creature passes.
  • Smelly cages or hutches.
  • Stale food.

Can I Leave Them Alone If I Go On Vacation?

People are leading hectic lives. They get fewer opportunities to go on vacation. When they do get one, their hamster’s well-being becomes a matter of great concern for them.

Apart from knowing how long can you leave a hamster alone, they also wish to know what to do with their hamster when they go on a vacation.

Fortunately, there is some great help at your rescue! Take services of companies offering boarding facilities for your lovely pet.

It is a wonderful option for a special reason. For example, you can take your hamster in the same cage that it has been living in at your house.

This way, it is saved from acquainting itself with new surroundings completely.

Adhere To Must-Do Things Before Leaving

The manner you prepare yourself for any job or task, for instance, decides its outcomes.

Similarly, there are a couple of must-do things before you leave. It includes things like:

  • Find a caretaker with due diligence. Give preference to one with all necessary exposure and expertise in tackling such situations.
  • Let your hamster get acquainted with the bodily scent of this individual beforehand.
  • Clean the cage or enclosure at length. While carrying out the cleaning procedure, try to unearth the concealed foods. Make sure to discard it right away! The cage or enclosure will have more room in it. This will allow your hamster to store food in the coming days since they have a habit of not eating everything at one go.
  • You can make things easier for the individual taking care of your hamster in your absence. Spell out in clear terms, preferably in the form of notes, details of important tasks to be completed. For instance, you can make a list of foods your pet loves to eat.
  • You can leave behind your contact details so that the individual can get in touch with you if needed.

Arrange Suitable Food In Rightful Manner Before You Leave

For most pet owners, their hamster is not merely a pet, but a family member. On account of this, you must make provision for foods adequately so that they can eat healthy in your absence.

For instance, avoid giving moist foods such as:

  • Small pieces of meat.
  • Some egg.
  • Fruits.
  • Veggies.

The reason is obvious – it will turn bad or stale, inviting adverse health consequences.

As a proud owner, you certainly do not want your hamster to face inconveniences to eat when it is very hungry. As you are not physically around them, they have to find the food on their own.

Monitor Movements Of Your Hamster By Installing A Camera

You are going on a vacation and are going to miss your hamster a lot. This is understandably so. How about watching them and monitoring their movement while you are miles away from them?

Yes, this is quite possible. Install a camera at your home and view them from miles away! Ensure to install them at the right spots and places. It will enable you to get a glimpse of them from different angles so that you get complete know-how about their well-being.

At a time when you might be vacationing in your favorite holiday destination, the quick view of your pet is bound to give some peace of mind to you! These hi-tech cameras are incorporated with powerful features. For instance, it can be zoomed in at your preferred level. It will give you better clarity on what your hamster is doing.

In a sense, monitoring the movements of your darling hamster cannot get better than this!

What To Do To Keep Them Free Of Boredom?

Even a normal human being will get bored when left alone. Here, we are talking about an animal who is familiar with seeing your face every day. With no one else inside the cage, it will miss you. Eventually, this will invite boredom for them.

Of course, you can get rid of this problem by offering them several items to play with. As they keep exploring, it will take them out of boredom.

You can select items like :

  • Puzzle houses.
  • Cardboard mazes.
  • Wood chews.
  • Cardboard tubes.

Opting For A Pet Sitter With Repute Will Be A Brilliant Decision!

Whenever pet owners are hit by the question of how long can you leave a hamster alone, it sends some shivers down their spine! After all, your hamster has certain basic requirements. If these are not met with correctly, it can pose a great threat to its life.

A professional can handle every aspect involved in a better manner. From food requirements to keeping the cage tidy, everything will be dealt with systematically. This will add to the comfort of your hamster in getting food at the right time or sleeping comfortably in the cage.

Wrapping Up!

Before you had brought the hamster to your home, you must have done some homework. You need to do so yet again when you decide to leave your hamster alone for a few days. With some quick thinking and planning, it is not difficult to accomplish this feat. You can always fall back on the information mentioned above in case of need. Don’t allow how long can you leave a hamster alone to spoil your vacationing spirits. Instead, be smart and make the right moves to take this job to its logical ends.

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