Some Cool Toys For Your Hamster


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Hamsters can be a great choice as a pet especially for people who cannot afford to put in too much effort as maintenance. They are extremely adorable, are easy to hold and pet, and they are usually content by running on their wheels. Feeding and grooming a hamster might be an easy task, but to find engaging toys for them isn’t. Toys can affect a hamster’s happiness index, depending on the form of engagement they provide. These creatures are very active throughout the day and require toys that make them exercise both physical and mental aspects. This means, all hamster toys selected for your pet, must be useful to them and effective for you.

Types of Hamster Toys

Hamsters are furry little creatures that are not only cute to hold but watching them play is a delight. Their little legs scurrying around as they jump, and run, and climb on different toys. It is easy to keep them entertained and happy. A playful hamster is a guarantee for a happy and healthy life. Their toys can be categorized into a few specific types, namely:

  1. Chewing Toys
  2. Edible Treats
  3. Climbing Toys
  4. Exercise Toys

That is how easy to keep your hamster occupied. Get them hamster toys from one of the categories above or all of them, and watch them go gaga on them!

Fun Climbing Toys

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As a pet owner, you may choose to make or design a number of toys at home, or you may also purchase such toys from a local pet store. Some of the most common types of toys include:

  1. The Hamster Wheel: Animated movies and pop culture have made the hamster wheel an infamous toy. However, hamsters love to run on their wheels. As an owner, you must ensure the quality of the wheel based on the build material, size, and rigidity. Though rare, accidents on the wheel can occur and all kinds of security measures must be taken into consideration.
  2. Tubes: Hamsters love to enter and run around within tubes. Modern toys come in a variety of options, some of which are even made with chewable material. While wood is a common alternative, chemical-free substances can be equally great. Hamsters are also known to love simple cardboard tubes, which can be easily made from used toilet paper rolls.

Hamster Toys with Treats

A great way to feed your pet or keep them motivated is to give them treats. Often the best way to train your little one is to give them treats every time they make you proud. There are some cool hamster toys where you can stuff and hide treats in them. Every time your little one plays with the toy, it is like visiting an amusement park. There are surprises galore!

  1. Toilet Paper Rolls: The maintenance cost of keeping a hamster is as low as you can imagine. Buying gifts can be an expensive activity, but why make that purchase when you can make your hamster fun toys at home? One of the most exciting DIY hamster toys is the stuffed toilet paper rolls. Don’t discard old toilet paper rolls, stuff them with hay, and hide treats in them. Hamsters like digging through hay, pulling stuff out of tubes, and finding food.
  2. Hide and Seek: This is more of a game than an example of a fun hamster toy. Nevertheless, it can be a fun and engaging activity you can indulge in with your little one. This game of hide-and-seek involves the use of treats. Place them around his cage, inside some of his toys, and make him follow your trail. Who would not like to find treats as he plays around?

Chewing Hamster Toys

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Hamsters are naturally keen on looking for food and nibbling on whatever they find. Growing up, chewing toys are must-have hamster toys. It is great for their dental hygiene and helps to keep dental system healthy and strong. These are some cool chewing toys for your hamster that he will love:

  1. Wooden toys: These are some of the safest and healthiest toys that you can get for your hamster. Make sure that the wooden chew toy that you are purchasing is made of healthy food colors, and safety measures have been maintained. Hand it to him and watch his spend countless hours nibbling away. Make sure to keep discarding these toys from time to maintain hygiene standards.
  2. Figs and twigs: These are great natural chew toys for hamsters. These also make for a more naturalistic environment for your hamsters. Depending on their natural instincts, figs and twigs make for some great chewing toys for hamsters. If you are planning to give them these are chewing toys, make sure you have washed them carefully. We do not want to expose our little ones to any danger.

Best Exercise Hamster Toys

While wheels and tubes are a great way to keep your hamster exercised and healthy, you can also try getting them some housing toys. The best exercise toys for your hamster are the ones that can keep them entertained and engaged. It should allow them to be healthy and happy at all times. Runabout is another great exercise toy for hamsters. They are plastic balls where you can keep your hamster in and watch them run in them for hours. It is like a mini treadmill for your little hamster. Watch him sweat it out in his mini-gym!

Bottom Line

A healthy and happy hamster is one that is also playful. They are active creatures that need endless toys with which to explore, play and exercise. Since for most of their lives, they spend it in cages, there is no need for them to have a boring lifestyle.

The best part of this is that you can make these toys at home! Extremely affordable and completely easy, hamsters are one of the least expensive pets to keep at home. They do not occupy much space and feeding and play times with them are also equally easy and fun to do.

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