Quick Tips to Convince Your Parents to Get a Hamster


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If you are determined about getting a hamster while your parents are not quite okay with the idea, you have come to the right place. However, convincing your parents may not be a tough task once they are aware that hamsters make great pets.

They do not require a lot of space, are relatively inexpensive, and would not shed on your couch. You should ideally research them thoroughly before approaching your parents. Proper research, thorough preparation, and a strong resolution are some of the key things to focus on to convince your parents about getting a hamster at home.

If you are still wondering how to convince your parents to get a hamster, follow these quick but handy tips below. It would not take much time for your parents to say yes. Although they had been resisting the idea vigorously, they will soon become keen about it.

How to convince your parents to get a hamster- quick and easy tips

If you follow these easy yet effective tips, it will be easy to convince your parents about getting a hamster soon.

1. Try to get as much information as possible about hamsters

You have to first be fully prepared emotionally to take care of a hamster. It could be great fun, to begin with. However, when you have made up your mind about having one, they need proper looking after for a minimum of two years. To start with, you should do thorough research about hamsters and find answers to several relevant questions.

For instance, what do they eat? What kind of hamster is most suitable for you and your house? What is the cost of a hamster? How frequently do they require cleaning out? What type of cage is needed for them? In the process of researching about them, you will get to know that their life expectancy is between 3-5 years.

You will also learn that they have sensitivity towards heat, light, and several other things including small kids and other pets. In case you have a pet cat in your house think twice as the cat might eat it. Hamsters cannot live in drafty areas, require a stable temperature, and is sensitive to direct sunlight.

You have to also handle them daily for staying friendly. Plus, their cage should be cleaned at least once in 7 days so that they can stay in good health. The moral of the story is you should not have a hamster as a pet simply because it is cute and adorable.

The answers to all the above-mentioned questions can be easily found online. You may also go through pet books or even ask these questions to the pet store in your locality. You should remember knowledge is power. So, when you have more information available, your parents will have fewer reasons to tell you that having a hamster is not a good idea.

2. Make up your mind about the kind of hamster that is most suitable for you

Hamsters are of 5 major types- Campbell’s, Syrian, Chinese, Roborovski, and Winter White hamsters. A majority of hamsters are in the range of 3-5 inches or 7.6 cm-12.7 cm. However, Syrian hamsters can be larger. They have a length in the range of 6-7 inches or 15-18 cm.

Chinese and Roborovski hamsters have a higher life expectancy while Winter White and Campbells are dwarf hamsters. As there are so many different options, you need to ensure to select the hamster type. It is an appropriate thing for you to do before you approach your parents.

3. Ponder about whether your hamster can coexist with other pets in the house or not

There is a possibility of you having another pet in the house already. Your parents could use it as an excuse for not getting a hamster. Try to accumulate information about hamster cohabitation. You may find a separate room for the hamster, which could not be accessed by the other pet(s). Also, be ready to play with the hamster if the other pet is not in the room.

4. Getting ready to bring in a hamster

The days before the big discussion is crucial and so ensure to be on your best behavior. That can demonstrate to your parents your ability to be responsible. You can help your parents with different chores and tasks around the home. These may include making the beds daily, washing the dishes, or cleaning. Try to do all these without them asking you for help. In case there are other pets in the house, you may feed them and show your love and affection, and walk them.

5. Plan for a meeting to discuss the issue with your parents

When you plan a meeting, you can be sure of your parents listening to what you have to say. Planning a meeting will also make your parents aware of how serious you are about getting a hamster. You may ask them what time and date are suitable for them. Ensure that you choose a time when they would be ideal in a nice temperament and well-rested.

If they ask you what the meeting is about, you may revert by telling them there is a proposal, which you want them to consider. The most suitable times to plan for would be on the weekends or just after they have dinner. Stay away from times such as before dinner or in the mornings when they are likely to be stressed.

6. Speak to your parents

You may tell them about your research done on hamsters. Also tell them that you had discussions with breeders, shelters, and pet store owners in the locality. Elaborate on what plans you have to look after the hamster. Ensure that you have practiced your logic in advance. Try to be prepared with any concerns or queries they may have along with the answers.

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7. Answer any queries your parent could have during the discussion

Hopefully, you would be aware of all the answers to these questions. Even if you do not have answers to 1-2 questions, do not let your parents know how keen you are about having a hamster. Consider their question(s) carefully and try to come up with a valid response. If you are still unable to respond to their query, tell them you will do extra research and give them the details later.

8. Be persistent and determined about getting a hamster without irritating them

As you have to convince your parents about getting you a hamster, present your case properly. Make sure that your facts are states confidently and simply. Try to turn their negative questions into positives.

In case you are not being able to convince your parent within a short time, do not opt for pressure tactics such as crying and whining. Instead, ask them what they want you to do for getting a hamster. In the end, patience will play a big role here.

Your parents must realize that you are a responsible person before agreeing to it. If you had behaved properly for a few days before the meeting took place like we discussed, convincing your parents about your sense of responsibility will be easy.

You may even offer to use your pocket money to pay for the expenses of owning a hamster. It will prove to them that you realize that owning a pet means a lot of responsibility. Additionally, your parents will realize your seriousness about owning one.

9. Show your patience

Your parents may not say yes to your proposal immediately even if they are partially convinced with your reasoning and details. They may like to discuss the issue of bringing in a hamster between themselves before letting you know about their final verdict.

You need to be patient as they could say yes after a few days or weeks. If they do not, ask them why they are still not convinced about bringing in a new pet to the house. Restrain from begging and request them to take some more time to consider in case they require it. After all, there are different sets of reasons against and for getting a pet at home. For instance, there are already other pet animals who may not like the presence of a hamster.

In case you are aware of the reason for their refusal, you may either plan new ways of convincing them in the future or give up. Even if they said no during the meeting, do not give up and have a fit.

10. Let your parents know you have been saving up

Tell your parents that you have been saving up from your pocket money for several months to purchase a hamster. It will also prove your responsibility, sincerity, and your seriousness about owning a hamster. Try developing a habit to spend less, do small tasks or chores for earning money. You may even take up a part-time job. Even if you are reluctant to pay for it yourself, it will possibly help in eventually convincing your parents.

11. You can write a detailed letter to your parents and state clearly yet gently why you require a hamster at home

Plus, you may also write down that you have contemplated the reasons why you should not have it. Your parents will likely be impressed with your constructive and logical argument and give in.

12. Your parents may give examples of you having bad grades in school or not being responsible

Try to perform better academically and also be more responsible for your day-to-day activities. If your parents realize that your behavior has changed, they might just agree to your request and allow you to get a hamster.

13. Do not bring in the topic of the hamster again and again before your parents

If you nag your parent too much, it will not help your cause except that they may feel more pressure.


In case your parents finally agreed to your request of bringing in a hamster after you tried out all or some of the above-mentioned tips, you could be fortunate. How about going to a pet store in your neighborhood and showing them a hamster. Narrate all the exciting things you got to know about these tiny animals. Make sure they are interested in this subject. Who knows, you will succeed in changing their decision. Now that you know how to convince your parents to get a hamster, make sure that there is a designated place to keep it once your parents agree.

When your parents look at these cute balls of fluff and their adorable twitching noses in the pet store, they may be happy to have changed their minds. One look at them could be sufficient for any parent to allow you to purchase a hamster.

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