How to Cut Hamster Nails


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Any pet will witness some growth in their nails. Hamsters are no different. If it experiences an overgrown nail, this brings an additional dilemma for the owners.

The nails in question start to curl sideways or fold inwards. Trimming in this circumstance becomes the obvious remedy.

Pet owners appear very puzzled what ought to be their move? If you are looking for a solution to your problem of how to cut hamster nails, you are reading the correct article.

For your convenience and ease, we have listed out every important detail about how to cut hamster nails. Here, you will find vital details like it has more to do with your choice, parameters are to be employed, why do you need to cut, and more.

It Has More To Do With Your Choices And Preferences

No two human nature are equal. The choice and preference for a particular option will keep varying from an owner to another.

Some take their hamster as their family member. They find it very essential to take utmost precaution in every move they make when it comes to their favorite hamster.

On account of this, they do not mind walking the extra mile for the safety and security of their pet.

Coming to how to cut hamster nails and trimming alternatives available, they are of two kinds:

  • You can trim it on your own. Of course, you ought to know what tools to be used and how to trim without hurting the hamster.
  • If you feel trimming the nails is not your cup of tea, take expert help! Opt for a professional vet who is well experienced in taking this task to its logical ends.

What Parameters Are To Be Employed To Judge If The Nails Are Too Long?

With some quick observation, you can always determine the suitability of timing with respect to trimming and how to cut hamster nails. Give a thorough glance at the nails. In case it is too long, it will be clearly visible.

A parameter or yardstick you can use is to make a detailed observation of the claws. In situations where the claws seem to be twisting down right below the paws, it warrants immediate trimming.

Why Do You Need To Cut The Nails In The First Place?

Yes, there is no denying the fact that you might be planning how to cut hamster nails.

However, the million-dollar question is – why do you have to get them cut in the first place?

As a proud owner, you must have seen the sharp claws of your adorable hamster. For instance, it might have climbed on you when it was around you. During this time you might have even felt them as well. As long as these nails are not overgrown, there is nothing to worry about!

On the contrary, the moment it shows signs of being overgrown, cutting them to appropriate length is of utmost importance. Any failure to do so might cause grave injury to it.

Make Best Use Of A Baby-Sized Nail Clipper

Every day, your hamster keeps on moving from one place to another. During These movements, the claws come into direct contact with the floor, for instance. As a result, the claws tend to become sharp.

Well, you cannot ignore the importance of these claws for day-to-day activities of a hamster. For example, it comes to their rescue when they wish to gather nesting material or grab food.

The baby sized nail clippers in this circumstance can be of great help to how to cut hamster nails. These are made of superior professional quality materials. Irrespective of size of the nail, it is extremely helpful in preventing breaking of the nails, for instance.

When you start to cut the nails with these clippers, the hamster might show signs of impatience or nervousness. There are chances it might make small movements during this period.

Typically speaking, they don’t like when their movement is restricted in any manner. As a consequence, they try to make small movements. You need to watch out these movements while cutting the nails. At times, you may inadvertently cut haphazardly, for instance, due to such frequent movements.

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Know The Reasons Behind Overgrown Nails!

It is a wise move to know the causes behind overgrown nails before delving deep into how to cut hamster nails.

It happens primarily due to two reasons:

  • Obesity
  • Aging

These two conditions result from the inactivity of the hamster in question. The results are clearly visible. Due to non-use of the feet to run or climb, for instance, the nails keep on growing.

When they indulge with above mentioned activities, there is natural wear and tear of the nails. This explains why due to obesity or old age trimming the nails becomes so necessary.

Never Engage A Human Nail Clipper To Cut A Hamster’s Nail

The moment you start to cut their nails, they will invariably make some or the other movement. On top of it, these movements can be very quick and too many! All these developments could cause injury or hurt it.

If you are using a clipper meant exclusively for human beings, the claw might get injured or start bleeding due to a cut. The resultant scenario will not be a pleasant experience. For example, your hamster may have to undergo deep pain.

To avoid occurrences of such instances, it is recommended to make use of clippers meant for hamsters alone. These are designed keeping various length, width and shape of their nails.

An ideal approach would be to use a clip that compliments the nail involved. Be watchful of your grip when you cut the nails. Apply gentle pressure rather than force so that there is no instance of cutting the nails in excess, for instance.

Unearth The Reasons Why Nails May Overgrow

When the hamster remains in his natural habitat in the wilderness, it involves activities entirely different from ones at your home.

Talking about such activities, it includes:

  • A vigorous and sustained search for food spending immense time in diverse rough terrains.
  • Make an arrangement for a safe nest for resting simply by digging.
  • Getting adventurous by climbing over stones and rocks.

On the contrary, when they are at your home, they remain confined to their cage or enclosure. It even enjoys the luxury of finding ready-made and nutritious foods within inches! To top their austerity, they sleep on comfortable linen, for instance.

Yes, the provisions and facilities it gets in your home augurs well for its well-being. However, the bottom line is – due to limited movement, there is no natural wear and tear giving rise to an overgrown nail.

Win Trust Of The Hamster For A Smooth Sailing

There might be a situation where due to a hectic lifestyle you lead, circumstances won’t permit you to visit a vet.

You do not have to possess any rocket science knowledge to finish this task. Simply, make efforts to win the hamster’s trust. Once you can successfully complete this part, the rest will be smooth sailing for you.

For instance, give it sufficient sunflower seeds in the mouth. As it keeps eating, quietly and gently slip a nail clipper pointing towards the edge of its nail. Cut it gently and carefully.

The catch is – you have to have some patience until it comes to a still position. It also offers you great comfort to cut thee tender nails without any fuss. Well, the wait and patience is worth it since you are not required to commute to visit a vet!

You have to keep repeating this process for around 15-20 times. Save yourself from getting bitten by it simply by bribing it after you finish cutting a nail, for example.

Provide It Some Rocks By Placing Them In Their Enclosure or Cage

So what if you are staying in a city’s surroundings and do not have rocky terrain around your home? Simply provide your hamster some bacteria-free rocks.

You can procure such rocks from a pet store. Get it from any well-reputed pet store selling quality items.

Place them inside its enclosure or cage. Your hamster will be more than happy at the sight of rocks! This will go a long way to file the nails naturally. To top it all, it will be saved from going on a searching-spree to locate a rocky terrain within your dwelling unit.

When you have taken every small measure to ensure its comfortable stay, this is not a big ask.

Wrapping Up

Once you have acquired a hamster as your pet, it can end up being your best buddy! Needless to say, it would warrant proper care and love from your end. It is going to be a two-way traffic journey so to speak. Cutting their nails on time is one such regulation for better journey! By taking this timely action, you can guarantee total comfort for your buddy! The hamster is going to thank you by making this journey with him totally hassle-free! Additionally, it will aid him in achieving safe health and manage his activities without sustaining any injury.

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