What Does It Mean When a Hamster Squeaks and Why


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Like any other pet, even your hamster deserves proper attention and care. One way to accomplish this feat is to watch out for their behavior. Pay heed to their body language and feelings.

They do make several kinds of sounds. Each sound is different so are its meanings.

For instance, if you see it squeaking, it simply goes to mean they are in great distress or feeling a little frightened. Widely believed to be quiet in nature, they do make several types of noises. This will entirely depend on their feelings and circumstances of each case.

To save you from the hassles of finding relevant information about what does it mean when a hamster squeaks and why, we have furnished detailed information below.

It will cover a wide range of aspects starting from their way of communicating to portraying their happiness to conveying you their requirements with a squeak, and more.

It Is Their Way Of Communicating Things

Each animal is different, so is their behavior, for instance. Hamsters usually squeak to communicate with other hamsters. By squeaking, they try their best to vocalize their inner feelings.

When they do so, they are in fact ensuring they convey the state of their mind. Each squeak is different and has a unique meaning in it. For example, a loud squeak signifies they are scared. Similarly, a soft version would mean it is relishing the company of another hamster.

At times, they resort to this option to seek proper attention from other hamsters. A Teddy Bear hamster normally makes softer kinds of murmurings. They do so to ensure other hamsters in the immediate vicinity can hear the sound loud and clear!

When it comes to dwarf hamsters, there is something very interesting about what does it mean when a hamster squeaks and why. Being smaller in every respect, they are not capable of making softer noises.

For example, they squeak without fail in situations like when they are hungry or irritated. Hence, squeaking becomes a natural choice for them.

They Portray Their Happiness

A squeaking sound coming from a hamster is the most commonly heard sound. As they undergo a wide range of emotions, they portray the same with squeaking.

They tend to tell the entire world how happy they are with a squeak. This is particularly very true when they are at a very young age.

Such an expression from their end often becomes clear when they receive a new toy or are being fed with their favorite food!

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They Will Convey You Their Requirements With A Squeak !

There are times when you make a squeak from the hamster despite being in a happy state of mind. If you are wondering what does it mean when a hamster squeaks and why in such a situation, it simply means it needs something very desperately!

It could mean various things. For instance, this could convey the message that they want to spend quality time out of the cage in your company. Whenever you hear a prolonged squeaking, make a proper check of its water or food.

They aren’t very messy and appreciate clean habitats. Make necessary arrangements if needed to stop it from squeaking further.

Height Might Be The Reason As Well

Hamsters are found in innumerable varieties and types. Not each of them is equally good when it comes to adjusting with heights. There are some types who seldom learn how not to be afraid of heights. This is especially true with dwarf hamsters. Every time you pick them up, they keep on squeaking.

The best remedy to what does it mean when a hamster squeaks and why problem is to ensure not to pick it to greater heights. Fortunately, this is not the case with bigger kinds of hamsters. They are quick learners and know very well they are safe when picked.

Make The Distinction Between An Occasion And A Little Squeak

You can easily decipher what does it mean when a hamster squeaks and why s imply by remaining alert when you hear the squeak. Normally, it can be distinguished into two distinct kinds.

  • An Occasional Squeak: Not all the squeaks have the same amount of significance and gravity. The occasional squeak is not a matter of any worry. This is done to inform you about their feelings.
  • A Little Squeak: on the face of it, the sound might appear very delightful. However, the fact of the matter is it could be a clear warning of something very sinister.

Fortunately, these sounds come to an end the moment your hamster gets tamed adequately.

Sometimes It Could Be All About Dominance

Like other animals, even the hamsters fight among themselves for dominance. If you have decided to house several hamsters together, be alert and vigilant. Keep a detailed watch on how all of them are gelling around with each other.

Sometimes, this dominance is among other cage mates. The frequent squeaks that you hear might be due to fighting among themselves.

Address Aggressive Squeaking Rightfully

When picked, each type of hamster reacts in a particular manner. For instance, they produce loud squeaks. By doing so, they try to show their aggression. Luckily, you can breathe easy since there is nothing to worry about.

Owing to the aggressive mood, it might not show great interest in entertaining you, for example. Once they are brought into a new environment and surroundings, they end up feeling restlessness. The noises stop coming once they settle down with the new place in question.

It Could Be About Them Being In Great Danger Or Trapped

Sometimes the squeaking sound and resulting curiosity in you about what does it mean when a hamster squeaks and why is justified. The squeak in this situation could be connected to a scenario where your hamster might be feeling as if it is in great danger.

Likewise, when you put them inside the cage or enclosure, they try to explore their new-found home! In their pursuit to explore more, they find themselves trapped inadvertently. By squeaking they try their best to alert you about the grave situation.

Typically, in such circumstances the squeak will be a little louder and for a longer duration.

Feeling Annoyed Could Be Another Possible Reason

The first few days in a completely new climate, new people and even newer surroundings may annoy it. They let their discomfort and displeasure literally be evident by making such sounds.

Any hindrance during socializing causes them irritation and annoyance. As soon as they complete their socializing, these squeaks also come to an abrupt end. Refrain from picking your hamster during this phase. It will be the best act from your end to provide it some peace of mind!

The Adult And The Baby Hamsters Squeak Differently

When you wish to know more about what does it mean when a hamster squeaks and why, you ought to remember one thing. The adult and the baby hamster make different squeaking sound.

In the former case, it normally squeaks when it is in great discomfort. This could pertain to a particular adverse health condition. There is an element of ‘suddenness’ in the squeak. On the other hand, the baby hamsters keep on squeaking. They do so when they need adequate some attention from elder hamster.

Apart from the difference in age, it has a lot to do with a particular circumstance they encounter.

Boredom Too Prompts Them To Squeak

Sometimes it can squeak for no valid reason like injury, lack of food and water in their enclosure, and so on. The reason behind their squeal is very simple – they yearn to break free from boredom!

Never mind, you still have options to take them out of their boredom. For instance, be playful with them and even hugging will suffice the purpose. This is bound to bring an instant relief for them.

Interpreting The Squeaks Correctly Is very Crucial

The good news is they are very calm and decent type. They hardly create nuisances to their owners. They are regarded as one of the best well-behaved pets. Yes, they do make noises like squeaking. You simply need to be a little alert to differentiate the kind of squeaking it makes.

Interpret their noises correctly. This way, you will be in total know-how about their requirements and health status. It will facilitate you in taking rightful steps to deal with the situation. After all, you do care a lot about your hamster. If by taking a small measure it comforts them, it is a wise move to take such minimal steps.

Wrapping Up!

If you are looking forward to having an excellent pet, a hamster can be the best choice. Cute and cuddly, they do not warrant too many efforts from your end.

Yes, they do squeak and it is a natural phenomenon. There is nothing much you can do about this. Humans have the facility to express with words. They are animals compelling them to express themselves with a sound.

Once you become aware of the reasons why they do squeak, handling them becomes a breeze.

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