Dog Surfing Championship


On May 22 in the U.S. at the Imperial Beach, south of San Diego, a national dog championship surfing.

Among the other contestants – a dog Abby, which carefully nudged host Michael th.

These dogs are surfing almost “professional”, perfect for holding back the waves. Each contestant has 10 minutes to something to hold on to the waves. Protecting points based on the confidence level, length of session and the ability to stay on the waves as a whole

Although some of these tetrapods are kept on the board better than the people accidents. Special dog rescue vests and rescue workers, who are always on the alert, allow the contestants to avoid any damage.

Dogs are trained a lot before the competition.

This Jack Russell Terrier – a real surfer. He was not afraid of any wavelength.

In the surfing team performance – one of the guarantees of success, and for the completion of this ambitious event requires strength and skill.

Riding the wave and at the same time look cute? No question. Most of these competitions in surfing is held for a charitable purpose – to raise money for dog shelters. This year the money went to help Cynological department police department.

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