How to Clean Guinea Pig Ears


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Unlike other pets, the ears of guinea pigs are very dry in nature. It is the same very ear that witnesses assembly of dead skin over a period. In addition to this, their ears also contain earwax. With time, these harmful elements keep accumulating.

When this accumulation goes undetected, the excessive collection of wax and dead skin can invite detrimental consequences. For example, the ear will contain bacteria and parasites. In fact, it becomes the ideal place where they breed. Your guinea pig experiencing intense itchiness is an indicator of their presence.

You can always prevent such a build-up. Simply resort to systematic and timely cleaning. This will ensure your favorite pet remains healthy all the time.

Additionally, with this timely action, you will succeed in preventing unfavorable health conditions.

If you are interested to know how to clean guinea pig ears, you will be glad to find this article. This is where we have given a detailed explanation to diverse facts surrounding this problem. Once you have gone through the entire article, you will be able to learn easily more about why you shouldn’t ignore cleaning, what is the frequency of cleaning to be followed, and more.

Do Not Ignore To Clean The Ears Regularly

Yes, it is true there are several types of guinea pigs available in the marketplace. Each has its own distinct features and characteristics.

What separates them is the breed they belong to. It is this aspect that will influence the need to clean. Additionally, this will also determine the frequency you ought to adhere in matters of how to clean guinea pig ears.

For instance, the Peruvians or Rex guinea pigs warrant timely cleaning of ears compared to other breeds. Likewise, the number of times the ears are to be cleaned in this case is also many times higher than other types of guinea pigs.

What is the Frequency of Cleaning?

Normally, performing the cleaning exercise 2-3 times annually will suffice the purpose. However, keep a proper watch on the ears. It will permit you to determine when you ought to make the move to clean.

The guinea pig’s ear and the color of earwax appear almost identical. You ought to exercise due diligence to identify the dirt in the ears.

Of course, as a new owner, you may experience difficulty to detect. However, with passage of time, your eyes will get trained adequately in this regard.

Consequently, you will be able to spot its presence with ease.

Are You Worried About The Black Stuff In Ears Of Your Littler Critter?

Any sight of black stuff in the ears is not good news. When you see any dirt-like material, it is a sign your bundle of joy might be having ear mites, for instance.

Well, with some quick efforts from your side, you can find an amicable solution to your problem of how to clean guinea pig ears. For example, take assistance of a topical supplement such as a mineral oil.

A word of caution though – what you presume to be dirt might not be the case at all. Before you decide to apply the oil, go for a consultation with your vet.

Must-Have Items For Better Cleaning Outcomes

Cleaning the ears is not as difficult as you think it to be. On the contrary, once you are in possession of rightful items, how to clean guinea pig ears will become a joyride for you!

Some of the most important items in this list include items like:

  • Cotton buds.
  • Cotton pads.
  • A pipette or a syringe minus the needle.
  • An oil such as mineral oil or baby oil.
  • A towel or blanket.

It is a Part Of Their Grooming Sessions

When you think about how to clean guinea pig ears, you are immediately reminded of various tortuous ordeals that pet owners have to go through.

Fortunately, cleaning the ears of your lovely guinea pig is not a strenuous ordeal. In reality, it is no less than the normal grooming sessions. This means, you do not have to exhibit tremendous expertise or use technologically advanced tools.

In fact, the process is as easy as ABC! It will include steps like:

  • Dip the cotton bud in the oil you wish to apply.
  • Pass it very gently ensuring it passes via existing folds of the ear.
  • Remove the dirt subtly.
  • Focus on cleaning areas visible to your eyes.
  • Don’t play around with the ear canal.
  • Use the moistened tip of the bud to the outer surface of the ear.
  • Pat dry the cotton bud gently wiping the interior of the ears. It will aid you to get rid of accumulated dirt that is extremely difficult to clean.
  • When it comes to the motion to be followed, prefer an outward motion.
  • If you wish, you can even wrap a cotton pad around one of your fingers instead of the cotton bud.

Give Preference to Oil With Lesser Scent

To derive the best outcomes of how to clean guinea pig ears, choose the oil with care. If you are using any baby oil, you ought to be extra vigilant. Make sure the oil you opt for does not contain a very strong scent. Guinea pigs are averse to such scents. Instead, give preference to oils that have no scent or less scent.

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Be Extra Careful While Dealing With Ear Wax

One of the factors that determine how to clean guinea pig ears successfully is how you handle the removal of ear wax.

In their excitement to finish the job, a lot of proud owners of guinea pigs handle the job carelessly. The result is there for everyone to see! Instead of taking out the ear wax, they end up pushing the same much deeper into the ear. This in turn can give rise to an infection and your guinea pig might have to suffer a lot.

On account of this, it is suggested you exercise restraint and maintain due diligence during this task.

What Do You Do If Your Guinea Pig Is Not Maintaining Decorum During The Process?

Sometimes, pet owners are very agitated when their guinea pig does not behave properly while cleaning. At times, such a behavior almost brings the cleaning process to a complete halt!

You can avoid such a scenario by taking some meaningful steps such as:

  • Give sufficient time to it to relax and rest.
  • Take frequent pauses so that it can unwind and rest.
  • Try to lure it by rewarding them with treats of their choice.
  • Wrap them in the towel to restrict their movements.

What To Do If You Have Accidentally Inserted Cotton Swab Inside The Ear?

Scores of pet owners have more than one pet in their home. Each pet occupies a special place in their heart. Parting ways with even a single pet is out of question for them.

When these creatures quarrel or fight among them, their ears often get scratched. If medical intervention is not offered, it can cause the infection to spread. This can lead to life-threatening consequences.

To prevent the infection from taking place, these owners try to clean the ears with items such as a cotton swab. Tensed and anxious, they end up making the silly mistake of inserting it into the inner ear. If you ever come across such a situation, get in touch with a vet immediately.

Design Your Weekly Grooming Routine Diligently

Please do not ignore ear grooming for your guinea pig. Ignorance can bring fatal consequences. For example, earwax can build up in the most undesirable spot – the outer folds. Not only this, the presence of ear mites will also become a regular feature.

The best way to curb this problem is to incorporate an ear inspection regime. Keep a proper check by conducting regular grooming sessions preferable on a weekly basis. It becomes much easier to detect the problems at the earliest.

Practice Better Cleanliness To Avoid Infection

Irrespective of whether it is a cage or an enclosure, make sure they are housed in clean surroundings.

Remember, they eat a lot and obviously generate huge amounts of feces. At times, they breach all boundaries of decency and do defecation in their food bowl, for instance.

Practice better cleanliness by changing their food bowls on a daily basis. It will facilitate the prevention of infections of any kind.

Resort To Appropriate Precautionary Measures

Taking precautions always comes handy. As a rule, make sure to bathe them when needed. For instance, if you see their fur has been caked with urine, you can offer them a bath.

Submerging them while bathing is strictly prohibited. The reason behind this prohibition is – if you dip them in water, water might get sipped into their ears.

Wrapping Up

It is rightly said ‘a stitch in time, saves nine’! Be it a pet or a human, timely action can save life. Clean the ears of your guinea pig falls under these criteria. It provides comfort to your little critter and brings satisfactory health results. With good health, you can have a good time in its company.

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