Creative Ways to Make Your Hamster’s Cage Entertaining



Did you ever think about the ways to keep your hamster more active and healthier?

If yes, then you’re going to be surprised to find out that a big part of this question relies on ‘how entertained your hamster is’. Like boredom and gloom can challenge the sanity of humans, similar way, a murky and dingy cage with an unending ennui can take a toll on your hamster’s health too.

To make it easier, think of a human baby. Think of how we resort to a plethora of means to keep him/her active, energetic, healthy and most importantly, happy. Your pet hamster’s body functions very much the same way. Since the hamsters spend a considerable portion of their time within their cages, we will majorly be focusing on the creative ways to make the hamster’s cage entertaining and super fun.

How to go about it:

Here is a list of some creative ideas that are going to transform your hamster’s cage from a mere enclosure to a dreamy wonderland-

1. Furnish the cage with fun & stimulating toys

Can you imagine a wonderland without toys? Of course, not! While we are in the quest to create a little-yet-amazing wonderland for our little friend, we need to install small, harmless and well-planned toys in the cage.

Hamsters have always been found to be super involved in toys, mazes and balls.

Exploring the maze is surely going to be incredibly intriguing for your hamster.

You can create the maze using cardboard, unlike the plastic ready-made ones that are sold by toy shops. Carving a maze out of cardboard has numerous benefits over plastic ones.

~ You can color, paint and sketch them as per your liking.

~ You can easily change them whenever you wish to.

~ Chewing plastic can be drastically harmful to your hamster. So, cardboard gains the lead here again.

To make the maze more interesting and delightful, you can place a ball within the maze. It’s a sure thing that your little munchkin is going to love rolling it over while exploring the miniature maze.

To make this endeavor rewarding, you can spread bits of your hamster’s favorite fruit or vegetable all around the way.

If you are using the normal, solid ball then chances are, this game might turn out to be a rather cumbersome task. So, to make sure that the process is hassle-free, get a hollow ball instead. A hollow ball will help your hamster in seeing through and eating easily.

A chewable hollow ball is also an option for you if your hamster is habitual of chewing.

One final word of precaution:

~ Don’t place too tiny a toy that can choke your hamster.

~ Use toys that are made of harmless substances. (Go from nature-made toys if you can)

2. Add additional toys

Exactly like kids, hamsters are bound to get bored by the same toys. To strike the boredom element off from your hamster’s wonderland, you need to add some interactive toys in there.

The most widely used cage-toy for hamsters is a spinning wheel. Do you remember how we loved playing with spinners back in school? And some of us still do (wink, wink!).

Our sweet critters are no different here. They love spinning the wheel. The bodies and minds of the hamsters who play with the wheel are equally thrilled and activated.

You need to be sure of the size of the wheel that you’re getting. There is no such thing as a perfect wheel in the store. Chances are, you might end up with a wheel that your pet would be uncomfortable with. The size of your hamster plays a significant role in deciding the wheel size. So, get a toy wheel that’s neither too big nor too small; just the size that your pocket pet is perfect with.

There is no shortage to the number of toys that you can get for your hamster. The only thing that you need to take care of is that the toy doesn’t arise any threat to your pet. This means that it should be completely harmless, and most crucially, your pet should find it fun to play with.

Furnishing your hamster’s delightful space with a wheel is surely one of the most creative ways to make your hamster’s cage entertaining and incredibly interactive.

3. Create a space themed on your friend’s favorite activity

If you have been meaning to befriend a hamster, then it is only a must to be aware of the activities that your fluffy buddy loves.

The most commonly-observed repeated activities that are performed by hamsters include-

~ Digging

~ Running

~ Chewing

~ Burrowing

Just like we have theme parks for us humans, why not create themed spaces for your hamsters too?

A happy space with sand can be a perfect choice to satiate their burrowing and digging urges. Make sure the sand quality doesn’t create any nuisance to the critter’s skin.

Adding a shallow wheel that your hamsters can run on is certainly one of the most delightful ways to tap into your friend’s love for running. Strand it on a solid surface to knock out the possibilities of injuries by falling.

4. Magnify the fun element using big PVC pipes

Using PVC pipes in the enclosure can turn out to be an excellent fit for a miniature tunnel. You can use creative ways to carve the large bland pipes into colorful and joyous means of having a fun and sprightly time. Create tunnels of different shapes and sizes and do not forget to reward them at various spots while they are exploring the tunnel. A PVC tunnel would not only keep your furry friend entertained but would lively and nimble.

5. Installing mirrors for tapping into your hamster’s curiosity

Hamsters are curious beings. While you are finding out ways to turn your hamster’s cage into a happy place, remember this. Do not let go of the fact that furnishing the hamster cage with a curiosity-triggering element can be the most interesting of all. And do you remember how as a kid we were always left awestruck whenever we encountered a mirror? Exactly! No toy, puzzle or prompt could ever meet the level of curiosity and amazement that a mirror triggered.

Facing a mirror, the reaction is going to differ from hamster to hamster. While some hamsters may find it fascinating, others might react to it aggressively.

There isn’t much to be worried about in the latter case though. Slowly and steadily, they will certainly befriend the one copying it on the other side. Hamsters are smart beings after all. Just leave them on there and give them the time to realize what is what.

6. Provide the hamster cage with exercising toys

To make sure that your four-legged friend stays in good shape, provide toys that add the gym element to a wonderful place. There is a long list of fascinating toys that will not only keep your fluffy friend busy but would also turn out to be a fun thing to watch by you, too.

Here are a few less-space taking and pocket-friendly toys for the hamster cage-

~ Light-weight wooden logs

~ Firm-grip ropes

~ Well-spaced toy stairs

~ Suspension Bridge

(Consider the wooden ones over the plastic ones to avoid toxicity)

Besides, you can place rocks on their way to challenge their limits and make it an adventurous course for them.


Some things to keep in mind:

So, the above-mentioned was a description of some interesting ways to turn your hamster cage into an interesting and amusing place. And while you are at it, just remember that there are some ground rules that you are bound to follow before anything.

~ Ensure regular cleaning of the hamster cage.

~ Treat your hamster with fresh and healthy food.

~ Clean your fluffy friend’s fluffy bedding at least every week.

~ Make sure your hamster is indulging in healthy activities.

~ In case you find your pet inactive and unresponsive for a good period, consult a vet immediately.

~ Drastic change in eating habits can be an alarming call too.

Also, provide your hamster with enough harmless paper to shred. Hamsters love shreds like anything. The sound that they create while nibbling it is exactly what they find pleasant to their ears. Just take care of the sort of paper that you are putting out for it. Have a quick quality check before it goes into the churning machine.

One final word:

Just like we humans need some me-time away from everything else at some point, the same way hamsters want to hide away too. This activity is immensely refreshing to their mental and physical beings. You need not buy ready-made hiding toys from the stores. You can easily create a hiding space using rocks or even some tiny cushions.

Last but not least, every way to transform the hamster cage into a happy place might be vain if you don’t turn out to be a good company to your buddy. Take some out to tickle them, to make them gnaw and jump in frolic. And you’ll notice how they enjoy doing their favorite activities in their happy home.

Happy Pet-Parenting!

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