Gerbil Supplies to Make Sure Your Pet is Well Cared For


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As a gerbil owner, the first thing you want is absolute safety for your bundle of joy! This can only materialize when you practice proper gerbil care. Giving you the perfect company in this regard are the gerbil supplies.

By arranging for these supplies beforehand, you give a perfect helping hand to let them grow healthy and happy.

If you are not sure what comes with the purview of these supplies, you are currently reading the right material. You will get an opportunity to know different aspects like, knowing the popular supplies that are of great use, a perfect cage means a lot to your gerbil, and more.

The easy availability of scores of gerbil supplies has brought a lot of cheers for gerbil owners.

This list includes numerous items like: :

  • High quality gerbil food.
  • Bedding.
  • Hideaway place.
  • Food bowl/water bottle.
  • Treats.
  • Nesting fluff.
  • Exercise wheel.
  • Appropriately sized habitat.

A perfect cage means a lot to your gerbil

Among all other necessary gerbil supplies, the cage tops the list in terms of priorities.

Choose a gerbilarium giving especial emphasis on factors like:

  • It ought to be large enough to offer an adequate amount of shelter.
  • Suitable amount for exercising.
  • There ought to be opportunities incorporated correctly so that your gerbil can resort to:
  1. Digging, and
  2. Tunneling.
  • Presence of adequate:
  1. Nesting, and
  2. Bedding material.

Explore the various forms of gerbil cages

Create the best housing option for your gerbil. You can do so by choosing items such as:

  • Glass aquariums or
  • Terrariums·

These have become incredibly popular as they offer you four distinct advantages:

  • They are inexpensive,
  • Are easy to clean, and
  • It gives you an opportunity to observe your gerbils with great pleasure, and
  • Your gerbil cannot chew through said enclosure no matter how hard they try.

Give your gerbil best bedding with rightful selection

Bedding is considered to be one of the most important gerbil supplies that your gerbil will need.

Your gerbil is your most prized possession. You are more than willing to give them the best supplies.

You can accomplish this provided you make the right selection. Opt for a combination that facilitates presence of:

  • Hay.
  • Aspen shavings, and
  • Paper-based bedding

The presence of all these materials gives them enough freedom and choices for building sturdy tunnels.

Ensure there is:

  • At least 6 inches (ca. 15 cm) in the form of substrate, and
  • Spot-clean them weekly,

Adhere to timely replacement of the bedding in question every 3-4 weeks.

Why is hay considered an integral part of these supplies?

Well, your gerbil always strives hard to display how active and energetic it is. To prove this, they indulge with a lot of activities like:

  • Burrowing, climbing, and exploring.
  • During the process, they love taking some time off and chewing on the hay. Likewise, they do the same thing when it comes to a superb playtime.

It is worth noting, good quality Timothy hay produces wonderful outcomes for a gerbil. They enjoy chewing them because:

  • It contains a fragrant smell, and
  • Taste

Apart from this, they contain healthy:

  • Fats, and
  • Proteins.·

In addition, they are low in sugar and high in fiber.

Offer your gerbil a wheel to exercise

Performing kinds of exercising is an integral part of every gerbil’s life.

You can easily give them this facility by providing a wheel to them. Ensure the wheel belongs to the gerbil-friendly variety.

Avoid giving a hamster wheel. This can produce dangerous outcomes. For instance, their tails can get trapped in the rungs.

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Put the rightful supplies at the bottom of your gerbil’s cage

You want your gerbil to get the best comfort that a bedding can offer.

If that is what you are expecting, make the right move and right choice!

Use an absorbent bedding as it will provide all necessary comfort and ease of living.

Opt for items like:

  • Dust-free Aspen shavings, or
  • Recycled paper bedding.

It is obvious you do not want them to get hurt while using the bedding.

Accomplish this objective by avoiding:

  • Pine and
  • Cedar shavings

These materials can give rise to fumes that can be detrimental for your gerbils.

If it suits you, use the plain shredded paper. Ensure they do not have any newsprint on them.

You can create the best gerbil habitat for your lovely gerbil!

Gerbils by their nature are very social and gentle. You ought to house them in same-sex pairs.

Include a hide house so that your gerbil can be busy at doing things they are best at – play and chew!

You can get the perfect house with help of these supplies. Make sure the house in question has the correct measurements.

For example, it ought to:

  • Contain at least 12 x 12 x 12 inches (ca. 30 cm),
  • Has an exercise wheel, and
  • Consist of multiple layers.

Place the habitat in the rightful temperature of 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly, make sure the habitat does not have any direct sunlight.

You can line their habitat by using at least 1 or 2 inches of:

  • Wood shavings, or
  • Paper bedding

Give special emphasis to clean their hide-houses at frequent intervals.

Know in details about suitability of the cage for your gerbil

Make sure the cage you are offering to your gerbil is clean and comfortable for them.

In case you are planning to house a pair of gerbils inside the cage, opt for a 10-gallon cage.

Likewise, if the number of gerbils in question is more, you will probably require a larger cage than this measurement. Follow this rule – the bigger, the better!

Adding an appropriate substrate will take the comfort levels many notches higher for your gerbil. You can achieve this goal by choosing:

  • Aspen,
  • Some paper towels or shredded tissue paper to make the nesting absolutely perfect.

Provide them with:

  • A water bottle, and
  • A hidey-hole.

Show how much the gerbil means to you. Do not hesitate to walk the extra mile to showcase your preferences. For instance, you can add a ‘lookout’ rock so that your darling gerbil can climb to the best vintage points!

Give the healthy and delicious food to your furball

In case the food choices for your gerbil is bothering you, you can breathe with ease! There are scores of options to choose from:

  • Give them commercial foods like seed mixes or/and pellets. You can give these as their main meals.
  • Go for the supplementary food items by choosing the rightful veggies and fruits. There are a number of options available in this category, including:
  1. Carrots,
  2. Apples,
  3. Zucchini, and
  4. Spinach.

Ensure perfect nourishment for your furry friend by providing certain categories of cereal products like:

  • Whole-wheat cereal, and
  • Puffed rice.

Entertain your lovely gerbil with some treats at the right time. It will serve as the perfect reward whenever the situation demands. You can select treats such as:

  • Occasional piece of cheese,
  • Mealworms, and
  • Dog biscuits

Toys will help you to keep your gerbil entertained all the time!

Entertainment is very important for every pet. A gerbil is no different which is why you ought to give them suitable toys to make them happy.

Yes, you can very much amuse them and add to their delight with right objects, like:

  • Wood.
  • Wicker, and
  • Cardboard.

They find these items very attractive and interesting to chew.

Avoid giving items that contain:

  • Sharp edges.
  • Small parts.
  • Dangling threads, or
  • Ropes.

Glass aquariums serve as an excellent housing option

Glass aquariums have become immensely popular as a housing option for gerbils. These are favored compared to wire cages.

It offers advantages to both – the gerbil owner and the gerbil.

For instance:

  • You can get your expected deep layer of bedding.
  • The gerbil can engage themselves to exhibit their natural burrowing behavior.

Ensure to secure the glass aquarium with a mesh lid. It will aid you in preventing an instance of escape attempt made by your gerbil. In addition, your gerbil will be able to get the requisite amount of ventilation it needs.

Even wire cages serve the purpose of housing brilliantly

Yes, it is very much possible to house your most-treasured possession in a wire cage as well.

Fortunately, there are several alternatives available to choose from. Make sure to choose a cage that has narrow wires so that your gerbil does not squeeze through. At the same time, ensure it is not too narrow. It will prevent the gerbil from getting their legs or similar body parts entangled in them.

Taking this step diligently is recommended as these gerbils have an uncanny habit of kicking their bedding through the wire bars.

Avoid procuring plastic cages as:

  • They can not hold up to the chewing habits of gerbils, and
  • It might even fail to offer adequate ventilation.

Wrapping up!

It is a praiseworthy decision to have a gerbil in your home. Give your little furry animal all necessary supplies. It will make its life inside the cage or enclosure more relishing.

Easy availability of scores of gerbil supplies saves you from making painstaking efforts. All your need to do is make the right selection of these supplies.

As a proud gerbil owner this is the right way to move in the direction of offering the best care to your bundle of joy!

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