Dogs Waiting For Their Owners


On city streets sometimes can be seen dogs that owners were left alone in the car. Over the misted windows of rapid breathing, we can see their sad faces. In a sad expectation of the owners of these best friends of man as embodied all the familiar feelings of emptiness, boredom and loneliness.Distant lands, strange places, wonderful people and exotic animals. All this you will find in this issue visual journey with National Geographic. Please note that most photos are available in high resolution and can be used as wallpaper.

Dogs Waiting1 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Pointer named Prospero in a car in London.

Dogs Waiting2 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Dog, nicknamed the Prince in his pickup truck owner at one of London’s streets

Dogs Waiting3 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, nicknamed Bones.

Dogs Waiting4 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Husky Bear and Kessy

Dogs Waiting5 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

All the same, Prospero

Dogs Waiting6 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Peggy waiting for the owner.

Dogs Waiting7 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Lottie in the car owner in London

Dogs Waiting8 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Staffordshire Terrier Bones.

Dogs Waiting9 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners


Dogs Waiting10 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Flo waiting for the host

Dogs Waiting11 Dogs Waiting For Their Owners

Poor old German dog named Alfie in anticipation of the owner.

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