All You Need To Know About the Burmese Gerbil


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Gerbils are found in many species. Out of these, the burmese gerbil has become the preferred choice for many gerbil owners. It is the color patterns that draw them to choose this variety of gerbils.

In case you are looking for more information on them, you are presently reading the right article. Here, you will get to know many vital aspects like the Burmese gerbil are extremely popular for their colorpoint coat color, the color adds a midas-touch to their appearance, and more.

Yes, undoubtedly gerbils have many wonderful features that have made them so popular among pet owners.

Out of these features, it is their coveted colorpoint coat color that scores the brownie point. This is one reason many new owners of a Mongolian gerbil are proud of their prized possession!

Coming to the colorpoint color present in such gerbils, this is the combination of two aspects:

  • Technically speaking, it is a Colorpoint Black gerbil, and
  • They contain almost the same genes that their counterpart Agouti gerbils have.·

The color adds a midas-touch to their appearance

One of the factors that many interested pet owners look for in deciding which gerbil to opt for is color.

This is where the burmese gerbil meets all their parameters and yardsticks. For instance, it exhibits some fantastic features like:

  • The color in question is rich and soft brown color.
  • These are often spotted in areas like:
  1. The body and
  2. Head

in addition, they do exhibit darker colored points in different places such as:

  1. Nose,
  2. Ears,
  3. Feet and
  4. Tail.

These gerbils are a treat to watch because of their tiny white spots! You can find them in:

  • Chins,
  • Chests and
  • Feet

These often resemble the same spots that are often found in Black gerbils.

There is something very fascinating about such gerbils. This has a lot to do with their patterning which is almost similar to ones found in many other species like cats.

Today, it is such patterning that has made them such an attractive pet. For example, not many gerbil owners think twice before they decide about breeding for this color.

This means, you always enjoy a liberty to have a pattern of your choice and liking.

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Burmese coats are entirely different from the agouti-based colors

There are times when interested buyers of Burmese gerbil get perplexed with the coats between a Bermese and Agouti-based color.

Of course, you can save yourself from this difficulty in determining the right color pattern with this vital piece of information.

Remember, the former does not contain the usual ‘ticked appearance’ that is so rampant with the latter category or gerbils.

On most occasions, the ‘ticking’ being referred to here generates from various colors found in areas like:

  • Hair, and
  • The distinctive black tips.·

Nevertheless, the former category of gerbils normally has only one color in their coats. This explains why the coat appears to be:

  • Solid and
  • Smooth.

Know the greater details of their bodily appearance and attributes

It is absolutely perfect if you have decided to go for the Burmese species of gerbils. However, it is a prudent move to get familiar with their bodily details. This will make sure you make the right selection

Some of these are things like:

  • Unlike many other gerbil varieties, they have a chocolate color present throughout their body.
  • Some of these spots start developing darker when they are around eight weeks. It mostly appears in places like:
  1. Tail,
  2. Nostril,
  3. Feet, and
  4. Ear.
  • If you watch their chin carefully, you will notice a white line or a ‘bib’ coming down towards the chin.
  • In addition, you will get to witness some white appearing on the paws as well.
  • These gerbils normally have black eyes together with a pupil that in turn displays a red color when they are exposed to shiny lights.
  • This phenomenon is often referred to as a “Colourpoint Black”.

The good thing about having a gerbil as a pet is, you have a wide variety of choices available in terms of gerbil colors. You can choose from this list including:

1. Siamese

2. Black

3. Argente / Argente Golden

4. Argente Cream

5. Topaz

6. Lilac

7. Colourpoint Agouti

8. Golden Agouti

9. Dove

10. Sapphire

11. Pink-eyed White

12. Extreme White

13. Dark Patched Pied/Spotted

14. Grey Agouti

15. Pearl

16. Slate

17. Ivory Cream

18. Red-Eyed White

19. Himalayan/Dark Tailed White

20. Light Colourpoint Agouti

21. Pied

22. Mottled

23. Variegated

24. Azure Slate

25. Saffron

26. Polar Fox

27. Schimmel

28. Dark Eyed Honey

29. Nutmeg

30. Silver Nutmeg

31. Blue

32. Black-Eyed White

33. Spotting, and more.

It is wise to remember, each of them is different from one another in terms of their distinctive features. for instance, Grey Agouti has some praiseworthy features like:

  • They have hairs on their back that mainly have two elements:

1. These are darkish gray, and

2. Contain white within the center.

  • This combination gives a mesmerizing salt-and-pepper look to them.
  • You can spot gold intermingled into the coat.
  • Its claws are darkish.
  • The stomach usually has a white touch to it.
  • In terms of the genes they carry, it carries the Underwhite dense gene, ‘uw(d).’

Why opt for such gerbils in the first place?

Well, this question does have an answer which many will readily accept. Gerbils have several attributes that find acceptance from curious pet owners interested in owning one. This has made it lot easier for people to choose something that meets their preferences and needs.

These characteristics include things like:

They portray a superb pleasant nature: They have a very soothing and pleasing personality. This is one reason they are referred to as other rodents like hamsters. The latter is infamous for being prone to deep aggression and biting.

With these gerbils, you can be sure of one thing. Unless and until they are extremely stressed or are provoked they will never show signs of aggression.

These gerbils are well known for being great at socializing : By nature, these gerbils love to interact and socialize with others including humans. This explains why they end up being a bundle of joy for the owner and their family members.

As a proud gerbil owner, you are going to experience the least hassles in handling them. On top of that, they are more than willing and interested to interact with their owners.

You do not have to worry about the odor: fortunately, unlike many other pets, these gerbils hardly have any issues pertaining to their body odor.

This low-odor capability in them has a reason behind it. For instance, they do make great use of their kidneys for conserving their bodily fluids. This happens mainly because they are not into the habit of excreting a lot of their waste.

When it comes to their habitat, they mostly do not contain any bad smell.

Know certain interesting facts about the lifespan of Burmese gerbils

Yes, when it comes to the life span of these gerbils, it will also depend on several factors like:

  • The ambiance you provide to them,
  • Manner in which their food habits requirement are met with, and more.
  • Nevertheless, typically speaking, they live for around 2 to 3 years. This can vary at times and they may end up living a 5-year life span as well.
  • Female gerbils normally tend to have a longer lifespan compared to their male counterparts.
  • If you have always dreamt of having a cute but miniature pet in your homely abode, they will perfectly meet your requirements. Most of these gerbils do not grow more than 5 to 6 inches inclusive of their tail.

Find great respite from easy care

When pet owners think of having a pet at their home, the first thing they think about is the care the pet would require. After all, no one prefers to remain on their tenterhooks managing all affairs involved because of the time-constraint life they lead.

Fortunately, with these gerbils, you do not have to worry about extreme care.

You do not have to encounter any financial stress

The good news is they are a very inexpensive form of pets. you will not require to undergo any financial stress to own and care for them.

All you need is to make the initial investment for procuring things like:

  • Cost of the gerbil.
  • Buy all necessary accessories for their habitat.

Wrapping Up!

Burmese gerbil is widely popular for their ease of care and the friendly temperament they possess.

If you find these features very appealing, you can own such a gerbil. This way you will always have a friend as a company and enjoy their loads of funny acts as well.

Before you decide to procure one, make sure you have all the important information with you.

Please go through the details furnished above. It will guide you to gain a better understanding of what to do with your selection procedure.

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