The Best Gerbil Chew Toys for Your Pet


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Gerbils are well known for being a fantastic active creature. They are very good at two things:

Running, and


This is one reason they need sufficient space to undertake these activities.

Apart from this, they do need an assortment of toys including the gerbil chew toys.

In this article, we bring several interesting and knowledgeable facts about gerbil chew toys.

Once you go through these details, you will be able to know about aspects like give your gerbil the chewing toys for the health benefits they provide,

keep your lively and curious creatures safe and healthy by offering them the best gerbil toys, and more

Give your gerbil the chewing toys for the health benefits they provide

These toys are appreciated for the two advantages they bring with them, including:

  • It serves as the best source of enrichment, and
  • Regular chewing of these toys helps them to attain perfect dental health. It goes a long way to keep the teeth worn down.

Keep your lively and curious creatures safe and healthy by offering them the best gerbil toys

Every gerbil owner yearns to keep their bundle of joy safe and healthy. This expectation can turn into a reality provided you give them toys that are safe and healthy.

The most popular options include:

  • Wheels: Gerbils love to spend a considerable time playing on their wheels. When you select such wheels, ensure it has:

1. A solid surface, and

2. a solid back wall.

Similarly, avoid wheel cross-supports or rungs. Your gerbil’s legs and tails can get trapped.

  • Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

Gerbils adore these wheels. Go for the medium-size wheel. It will allow your gerbil’s back to remain reasonably straight when he is busy running.

  • Knot Nibbler: These are appreciated by gerbils for their size and volume. Choose something with measurements of 3.5 Inches x 4 Inches x 3.5 Inches. You will find several color options like:

1. Green.

2. Blue, and

3. Ocean.

Your gerbil will appreciate it as they come with natural wood and consist of almond nuts as well. This in turn gives the much-needed encouragement to gerbils for healthy playing and chewing. The wood in question is incredibly safe for your gerbil to gnaw and chew.

  • Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy:

These toys have become hugely popular among gerbil owners. It is the features present that attracts such owners to procure them. They do so without any second thoughts.

The features contain aspects like:

1. They contain 100% All natural couch grass material.

2. These exhibit great dimensions of LxWxH 13.5 x 6 x 6 inches and weight around 0.44 Pounds.

3. It invariably brings total satisfaction to your gerbil’s instincts in matters about burrowing, exploring, and nesting.

4. Boasts of 100-percent all-natural couch grass

5. It contains dimensions of 6-inch Diameter and is 13-1/2-inch Long.

Get educated about the likes and preferences of gerbils in matters of these toys

  • You want to assure your gerbil feels at the top of the world playing with their toys, right?
  • The gerbil chew toys fit into this definition perfectly. They love to spend hours without any break to chew these toys.
  • You can even decide to have a cardboard tube. This can be derived from a:
  1. Paper towel roll, or
  2. Toilet paper roll.
  3. Whichever option you choose, make sure these cardboard does not contain harmful glue used in them.

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Why are these toys considered so important for their survival?

Yes, gerbils play the role of a pet wonderfully. They are truly fun-filled and friendly. Give them the requisite toys and other equipment. Make them all set to nudge with great playtime!

Know why toys become so important in their life

No wonder, every gerbil owner makes to provide scores of toys such as gerbil chew toys.

There are certain reasons behind this growing preference. These toys play an instrumental role in providing several advantages. It includes things like:

  • Toys will keep your lovely gerbil enriched.
  • They do help your gerbil from escaping from boredom, and
  • These toys offer all necessary support to your gerbil to get their daily dose of exercise as well.

Make sure the toys you choose are interesting and exciting. This will pave the difficulty of giving a sense of a monotonous drill.

For best outcomes, provide your gerbil with a variety of these toys. This will go a long way to make sure your gerbil does not get bored playing with their same old toys. For instance, you can incorporate an exercise wheel so that they can do their regular exercises.

Yes, gerbils do need toys

Gerbils portray tons of energy. They are very active and always strive to burn out their energy. Their playful nature coupled with great activeness, make toys an essential part of their daily life.

Of course, when you choose these toys, do so with utter care and diligence. For example, ensure your gerbil is not in a position to splinter off certain things like:

  • Sharp pieces of plastic, or
  • Swallow them.

Similarly, once you notice them swallowing any plastic toy, swiftly remove them from their direct access. Likewise, make sure they are not eating the cardboard but merely shredding it.

Choose the appropriate and rightful toys

Irrespective of whether you are giving gerbil chew toys

or any other toy, ensure they are the rightful ones.

There is no denying gerbils do like a lot of enrichment in their cage. After all, it does help them to remain happy and entertained.

Nevertheless, what toys you choose influences their level of entertainment and happiness. On account of this, the onus lies in you to choose these toys accurately.

For Instance, if you are looking forward to enriching their cage with perfect toys, it can include:

  • Toilet roll tubes,
  • Boxes, and
  • Other things that are essentially made of cardboard.

Fortunately, you have a wide number of choices of toys designed especially for gerbils, including:

  • Seesaws.
  • Wheels.
  • Rope toys, and
  • Hammocks.

Adhere to suitable measures to gain proper safety for your gerbil

Yes, giving your gerbil suitable gerbil toys has become the need of the hour. It is equally crucial you ensure they play with these toys in a safe and secured environment.

Take appropriate safety measures and buy your peace of mind! It includes taking measures like:

  • Opt for toys that speak volumes about the safety of your gerbil. For instance, make sure the toy does not have any scope for the gerbil to stick out their heads as they get busy with exploring around.
  • Ensure there are no strings or parts on toys. This could be the real culprit when it comes to your gerbil’s tail, toes, or legs getting trapped.
  • Avoid giving them plastic toys. Gerbils have a habit of splintering. If they do so, it can cause grave injury to your adorable gerbil. For instance, due to this splintering effect, sharp pieces may subsequently be ingested.

Bring out the creative side in you with some DIY activity

There are times when despite all your wishes and desires, you fail to trace a toy you wish to give your gerbil.

In these situations, give your creative juices a chance to flow! Get busy with some DIY activity.

For example, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Procure some old file folders.

Step 2: Lay them flat.

Step 3: Cut them into miniature sections

Step 4: Roll up tightly and

Step 5: Hold for sometime

As you let them go, you will see them loosening but staying more or less in a rolled-up position. This will give your gerbil the perfect setting it has been looking for to play.

Another option is a small dark brown paper lunch bag. This will serve as a wonderful alternative for your gerbil to:

  • Hide.
  • Play, and
  • Avail all shredding possibilities.

Make a chew toy from untreated wood

Make arrangements for any untreated wood item. You have two options to have them in your possession:

  • Buy them, or
  • Gather all untreated scraps around you and make your chew toy.

You also have the freedom to offer the branches for chewing. Of course, make sure you avoid any specific evergreen tree branch.

Take assistance from your local pet store for procuring items like:

  • Cholla,
  • Driftwood, and
  • Another wood-like grapevine

These do perfectly fit into the definition of a great climbing toy.

Allow your gerbil to reap twin benefits by giving the perfect gerbil toy

Your gerbil is your most prized possession. Its safety and good health are paramount to you. Ensure this by offering it toys that can permit it to reap twin benefits associated with playing with these toys. They are:

· Your gerbil will receive the much-need physical fitness by exercising with a toy. Adventurous and active, only giving them a mere sage is not good enough to attain these objectives.

They are accustomed to doing things like:

  1. Entering into random holes,
  2. Exploring all unknown and new places, and
  3. Bring their mischievous nature out into the open!

Keeping their habits clean is appreciated. Nevertheless, keeping their home too tidy is also not desirable. For instance, in the absence of things like toys to play with, they don’t get the energy-burn they want. This can lead to a substantial increase in their behavior issues.

Avert such a situation by giving them items like chewing toys so that their teeth remain healthy.

For example. chew toys do give them tremendous mental stimulation as well. They are social animals and love to interact with other fellow gerbils. However, when they are confined to a cage, this does not happen.

Their body does not get the level of physical exercise it ought to get. Toys in such situations allow them to spend quality time playing around the cage.

In a sense, these toys are no ordinary ones. They have great potential for allowing your gerbil to combat this problem. As a consequence, it does augur well for its mental prowess as well.

Wrapping Up!

Your gerbil means a lot to you. Display your affection and love for them by keeping them entertained and happy.

Toys such as the chew toys can offer you a helping hand in this regard.

Choose the best toys to keep that smile on face your gerbil intact all the time!

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