Dog And Cat Breeds With Geometry Different Eyes


Geometry- a different color in the color of the iris. Geometry, not just people, but our smaller brethren. Typically, while one eye is always blue. The most striking example geterohromii animals – dogs breed haski.

Animals Geometry distributed more than people

It usually leads to a blue color of one eye.

Blue eyes can be found in cats, especially in such breeds as the Turkish Van and Turkish Angora.

Such cats are called cross-eyed. These cats have a white or predominantly white coat, one normal eye (copper, orange, yellow, green) and one blue eye.

Among the dogs geometry common in the breed Siberian Husky.

Full geometry most common in horses with a piebald coat.

She also encountered among the cows and Asian buffalo.

Pie geometry common in dogs of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie.

Repels Many such a difference in eye color.

Many, on the contrary, attracts

In any case, it is quite unusual and attracts attention. If this is not photoshop, of course.

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