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Gerbils are active and energetic creatures who need fun and interactive toys to help them stay engaged and running around throughout the day.

10 Toys Your Gerbil Must Have


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Does my gerbil need toys to play with?

Shall I consider providing my gerbil with toys?

What are the best toys I can give to my gerbil?

Every gerbil owner ponders over these questions while thinking about the well being of their pet. After all, gerbils are very active and cute creatures. They not only need space to run around and burrow but also a bunch of toys to keep themselves engaged.

So, it becomes essential to think about the needs of gerbils. To make things clearer for you, we are going to talk about the 10 toys that your gerbil must have.

Before we jump on the list of toys, let’s have a look at the benefits of toys for your gerbil.

Benefits of toys for your gerbil

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When it comes to buying toys for your gerbil, you must know it is not just for fun purposes. These toys can help the pet in some of the most amazing ways.

Talking of amazing ways, the two most incredible ways in which toys benefit gerbil include:

  •  As mentioned earlier, gerbils are very active creatures, and they need physical stimulation. This is when toys help them burn their energy.
  • Toys assist gerbils with much-needed mental stimulation. Gerbils are social creatures, and they like to mingle with their fellow mates. Since they do not live with fellow critters when domesticated, toys help them stay busy.

Now that we have discussed the two main benefits of toys for gerbils, let’s move forward and have a look at the 10 toys your gerbil must have.

Exercise wheel

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Is your gerbil looking a bit chubby? Is your pet spending more time lazing around than being active? If your answer is yes, then you must consider buying a toy that will help your gerbil stay active. The exercise wheel is one of the best toys to help your pet stay active.

Your cute little gerbil will hop on this incredibly amazing wheel and burn all his extra fat off. Are you worried that your little friend will get stuck in the wheel? Well, do not worry! The exercise wheel is designed to not trap your pet as there is no dreaded center bar.

Some exercise wheels also come with cage attachment to allow your gerbil to mount. You also do not have to worry about the paws of your gerbil getting hurt because the running surface is kept safe.

Tunnel toys

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Your gerbil lives in your house but how about you give your little love a whole fortress- Won’t that be amazing? You may buy a two-story house because it has pretty much everything your pet will ever need.

It comes with fun slides, tunnels, and a bridge as per your gerbil’s preference. There will be no end to the amount of fun your pet will have while playing in this tunnel house. So, place the tunnel house in the cage of your gerbil, and he will find his ways to play in it.

Chew toys

If you wish to get a toy for your pet that is both healthy and enjoyable, then the chewable toys are the right choice to buy. Since gerbils like to gnaw on stuff, the chew toys have been designed while keeping them in mind.

The chew toys will help in preventing your little pet from getting a sore mouth due to gnawing hard and rough things. If you are thinking of buying a wood toy, make sure that it is not treated since chemicals on the treated wood may prove to be harmful to your gerbil.

You may also buy a soft chew ball made of coconut fiber to ensure that your pet stays away from any kind of chemicals.

Nut knot knibbler

Nut knot knibbler is a very cleverly designed toy for gerbils that most of the gerbil owners will love. This amazing gerbil toy is made from untreated wood and is safe for your little poodle. It usually comes in bright and vibrant colors, which are made of non-toxic natural dye derived from vegetables.

There are many chewing possibilities and the toy will last for a long time before you feel the need to replace the same.

Climbing toys- Tubes and frames

Gerbils enjoy jumping on over everything. Just like the wooden tunnel house we covered, you may consider buying climbing toys like tubes and frames for your pet. The climbing toys often come with a tunnel at the bottom which means that your pet will get different opportunities to play.

Your little bundle of joy can climb, jump, swing, and hide in this amazing toy. So what do you think? Isn’t it just a perfect toy that your gerbil must have?

Animal activity toys

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Animal activity toys made of natural materials are perfect for those gerbil owners who wish to keep their pet away from chemicals. With this amazing toy, you never have to worry about putting your pet in danger.

In addition to being chemical-free, it helps your little gerbil enjoy for a long time, without making them feel bored. So, once you give your pet this small animal activity toy, you will find them play with it for hours.

DIY digging toy

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There is no denying the fact that gerbils love to dig. They have this natural tendency to dig, and they like to do it even if they are domesticated since birth. So, would you not like to give them the thing they like doing most?

Alright, you don’t have to buy this one. Instead, you can make it at home yourself. All you have to do is build a toy with deep bedding. This will throw off an image that your gerbil has something to dig.

For instance, you may use a deep round tub and fill it with hay. This will make it easy for your gerbil to dig whenever he likes to do so.

Wooden sticks

The wooden stick toys are flexible and will provide your gerbil with hours of fun. The sticks are flexible enough to be twisted or bent in different shapes and may even create a hiding spot for many small things.

So, your little buddy will enjoy playing with this toy. In fact, even you can enjoy some nice playtime with your pet. You may turn the toy into different shapes and your gerbil would chew.

Exercise ball

Are you one of those pet owners who like to keep an eye on their pet all the time? Well, if your answer is yes, then this is the right toy you should get for your gerbil. Your little pet can stay engaged with this for a long time while you do your work.

Also, you must know the ball is transparent. So, this makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your little gerbil while doing your work.

So, you will get rid of all your worries to constantly keep a check on your pet because this toy is already here to help you with that.

Wooden maze

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Wouldn’t you be excited to get your little gerbil something amazing and exciting? Well then, here is something for you in the list.

The wooden maze toy is just so perfect for all small creatures who like to explore. Your little friend will enjoy passing through holes, trying to find out which one is the next, and where it ends.

Also, one of the best things about wooden maze toys is that they help stimulate both the body and mind of your gerbil. So, they stay mentally alert and physically active by playing with this one amazing toy.

Which toy is best for your gerbil?

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To answer that, there is no one toy that can be considered best for your gerbil. Anyways, we think that any toy that gives your little pet an option to engage more is the best. One example of such a toy is the tunnel toy or wooden sticks.

Although, we suggest you to restrain buying toys that might have chemicals since they might prove to be dangerous for your gerbil.

In case you have a favorite toy for your gerbil, we would love to hear about that. So, feel free to tell us about your favorite gerbil toy.

The final say

Now that you know the benefits of toys for gerbils and have a list of 10 toys your gerbil must have, we think it is time for you to start shopping.

We hope you pick the toy that your gerbil finds most amazing and exciting. Also, we would suggest you experiment with different toys and find which one your gerbil enjoys the most.

Also, once you figure out which toy your gerbil likes the most, do not forget to share the same with us.

Good luck with finding the best toy for your little pet!

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