Cool Cats Haircuts

How to make a cute kitty more attractive? Easy: put on her wig! “Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs” – This new book by author Julia Jackson, in which it has demonstrated 60 fashionable and stylish cats, painted in accessories for pets.

Glamur1 Cool Cats Haircuts

Take a look at how these fluffy Folly making their way to the top of the cat’s social ladder.

Glamur2 Cool Cats Haircuts

Oh, you caught me! My hobby crafts spiraled out of control! Who knows what I’ve done tomorrow … besides disorder!

Glamur3 Cool Cats Haircuts

Pink – my color. He is my silk smoky fur and emerald eyes. I was simply beautiful. Here are business cards cheap, and I will be a real lady.

Glamur4 Cool Cats Haircuts

What do you mean, like a seagull! Do not force me to produce claws!

Glamur5 Cool Cats Haircuts

Canary? In my mouth? How dare you!

Glamur6 Cool Cats Haircuts

This party – a real nice bunch of things. I’m sick of this. Right now … vomit rainbows

Glamur7 Cool Cats Haircuts

We must remember: Fashion Week in Paris, too tired. The next time you stay home, better then buying the magazine

Glamur8 Cool Cats Haircuts

And it was me all this mystery?