Bird Olympics

Yeah, these feathered athletes know how to win the gold. Only gold.

Bird Olympics1 Bird Olympics

Bird Olympics2 Bird Olympics

Sports birds took part in the “Sports Meeting of birds” in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

Bird Olympics3 Bird Olympics

The birds took part in a number of different sports. This guy has beaten its own record for weightlifting.

Bird Olympics4 Bird Olympics

Kakadu on a bicycle.

Bird Olympics5 Bird Olympics

Parrot is engaged to make sure that his beak in shape.

Bird Olympics6 Bird Olympics

Right midfielder.

Bird Olympics7 Bird Olympics

It is known that the Roman emperor Heliogabalus fed parrots and peacocks in the zoo lions, though the price of parrots was a great deal: they paid for them more than a slave.

Bird Olympics81 Bird Olympics

Parrots – centenarians. Life expectancy large parrots to 50-60, and sometimes up to 100 years. Small parrots live on less: 20-25 years old.

Bird Olympics9 Bird Olympics

Kakadu is perhaps the most interesting and amusing parrot. It is capable of opening locks and gates.

Bird Olympics11 Bird Olympics

More recently, taking steps to preserve habitat of some species of parrots in the ecosystem.